Friday, October 22, 2004


Last night I spent some more time with Chris. I went to 1960 to pick him up and we went to a nice park to sit, talk, and stare at the water. We parked next to the little dock and started to walk over to some benches on the water. First thing, a little grey goose saw us, walked up, and started plodding along next to us. Based on the neutral coloring I'm thinking it was a "she" - Buddy might be more of a masculine name, but we decided it fit well. *Plop, Plop, Plop, Plop* Her little webbed feet sounded so funny going across the concrete! The little goose followed us all the way to our bench. She would circle around the bench a couple of times and then stop to sit next to us. We made some attempts to pet her, which made her a little nervous at first, but she warmed up really quick. Most of the time that we spent at the park I spent sitting on a bench with a goose sitting squarely between my feet - her neck straight up and head popping up between my knees! Buddy was the cutest little thing. We sat and talked for a long time there at the park and she never left the viscinity. When we finally decided to leave she plodded all the way back to the car with us. She looked so sad when we left - and even stood in front of my car for a minute with her wings spread as if to say, "Take me with you!" I think Chris and I will go out and visit Buddy again soon.
Chris and I had a really great talk last night - the kind that I usually don't have with people until I've known them a lot longer. I learned a lot about him and think he learned a lot about me too. We're both story tellers - so we talked for almost 4 hours straight. We tried to stop about 10 different times and kept getting drawn back into conversation. He really is 0ne of the most unique people I've ever ever met. I'm really glad I met him, glad that he's my friend, and look forward to a lot more long, interesting conversations.

And, yes, before you ask, I realize this post wasn't really much about Buddy - but come on, HOW many more posts can I really have with Chris's name in the title?? :-D

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Another Chris update

Just to update on my Wish List - I now know that Chris has 13 "yes", 3 "no" and 4 "maybe/not sure" out of now 21 traits. And then of course - there's that pesky number 20. The answer to that won't come for a long time (if ever)!

He left his sticks in my car last night - I think it was just a cheap ploy to get to see me again today! But yeah - I'm seeing him again today so he can have his sticks for the weekend... Darn the luck! Haha.... :-D

The Post with Many Titles

Takin' You Back
Those of you who have read my first blog entries remember the days of going out and staying too late on work nights. Well apparently those days are back! I went out to the Cafe last night and stayed way too late. Got about 3 hours of sleep - but am in ready to work this morning! It was just way too much fun. I met Chris and a bunch of his friends and we danced and drummed and had a great time. Yes, I probably will be out takin' a quick lunch time nap to recharge this afternoon. We did leave the Cafe before it closed, but Chris and I went out and spent a little extra time together - which is why I didn't get in until so late. The craziest part of the evening - I got locked out of the house! I pull up a little before 3:30am ready to get in the house and crash. I go to the door, turn the handle, and it's locked. One of the German Shepherds that lives in the house that I am staying in has a habit of leaning on the door handle and locking it. So I had to go knocking on a window, getting J out of bed, and having him let me in! No prob - I got in and crashed!!

My New Favorite Place in the WHOLE WORLD!
Okay - so the Cafe last night ROCKED. IT was the busiest I have seen it since I started going there (except for Pagan Pride Day, which is a special case). The music was really great and the drum circle was absolutely invigorating. BUT - that wasn't even the best part. The really wonderfully great best part was the guys! If I've ever wondered where all the boys are around Houston that are "my type" I found the place. I've never seen so many guys in one place with long dark hair before - ever! And an awful lot of them had light eyes. It was beautiful. I walked around the whole night with my tongue dragging in the sand. Of course, I was there with Chris - but his take on relationships right now is just like mine - so it was fine. Like he said, "Love me, but don't fall IN love with me." I was great with that plan. So he flirted around a little, and I flirted around a little - but at the end of the night it was me and him - and it was LOVELY! :-D I found out this morning he left his Crystal Sticks in the backseat of my car so I guess I'll just have to see him again tonight to give them back! Darn! But, yeah, so now my Wednesdays evenings officially belong to the Cafe - and all the pretty pretty boys!

Number 21!
I have a number 21 for my Wish List. Number 21 is - Will Dance. Not "CAN dance" or "can dance WELL". The point is to dance - no matter what. I was reminded of this last night watching Chris. He is lucky enough not only to want to dance, and to dance a lot, but he is great at it. He's got great rhythm and just looks great when he moves. I sat and watched him for a long time...

I guess that's all of the different things I can think of to write in my blog this morning. I've GOT to get some work done!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Cafe

Well it is Wednesday, which means I will be heading out to the Cafe tonight. I couldn't stand it and called Chris last night to make sure he is going to be there. I just have GOT to see him again. I think he is a witch and put some horrible spell on me after Saturday night, because I have not been able to stop thinking about him since. I'm trying really hard to take it easy though - because we all know I definitely don't need to be falling into anything too lovey dovey.

To help this cause I did call my good friend last night and went to see him. He's getting less and less appealing every time I see him. I thought of Chris the whole time...

Trying to keep my mind VERY occupied I also gave my number to a guy here at work yesterday. He does not actually work for the same company - he works for one of the contractor companies finishing up the new office building that I just moved into. They're still putting on finishing touches, so he's here every day. THIS boy is a cutie. His name is Randy and he looks like a young Dave Navarro - but with a scruffier beard and BLUE - yes, blue - eyes!! I think he's got a lot going on in his life right now and he is definitely moving soon - but maybe we can go out and have a drink or something someday soon and just get to know each other better. I just want to sit and stare at his blue eyes for a couple of hours! Here's hoping he calls!!

That's all for now - I've got to get to work!!


Monday, October 18, 2004

More on Chris

Well, I just couldn't take it. I ended up going to the Ren Faire this weekend. I woke up on Saturday morning feeling a little "goth chick" and wanted to shop. I decided I needed a new pentagram necklace (I lost my old one a while back). So I dressed up and headed out. I got there and was feeling a little awkward with my cheesy little purse so I went and bought a new one - spent WAY too much money - but it's all leather, hand-made, and great. It will last FOREVER! So it's like an investment, right?? Riiiiight.....

Anywhoo...of COURSE I had to go by the Crystal Sticks booth to see my new friend Chris. Geez, he's a cutie! So...I messed around the Faire all day and happened to run into Chris again on the way out. We spent a little cuddly time together - it was SO nice. I was seconds away from camping out there with him, but decided to go home instead. Sometimes pleasure delaying can be a goooooood thing!! I'll go see him at the Cafe again on Wednesday... Will keep you all posted!

OH! And a quick edit to add where Chris stands on my list of WISHES. 9 Definite yes, 9 Maybe/Not sure yet, and only 1 No...then of course there's that number 20 - which will be TBD for a WHILE (hopefully).

Friday, October 15, 2004

My Wish List

Okay. Here's the thing. I was thinking earlier about wish lists - and so I decided to post my "Perfect Guy" wish list. My absolute perfect guy would have all of these things. My ideal guy would have most. Most guys I date have some. There's also something of a scale. Some of the important ones you won't get anywhere without having; others aren't dealbreakers if you don't. So here is my first crack at a "Perfect Guy" wish list. I'll probably keep updating as I think of more

1. Dark hair
2. Long hair
3. Light eyes (blue, green)
4. Not too tall - maybe 5'3 - 6'
5. Passionate
6. Spiritual
7. Tolerant
8. Loves music
9. Plays an instrument
10. Loves pop culture as much as me
11. Can drive a car like a car should be driven
12. Likes nature
13. Can out-drink me
14. Driven
15. Funny
16. Laughs at my stupid jokes
17. Takes naps
18. Loves animals
19. Stands spiders (you don't have to love them, just don't mind if I don't kill them)
20. Loves me like I love him (see my Jareth post)

Hmmm...that's only 20 to start. Is that too much?

p.s. Any guys out there reading this who actually *fit* all of these - please, please call!! :-D

Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Cafe

I went out to The Cafe last night - which is what I am going to call this place since I am choosing to keep the real name one of my few secrets. The Cafe is one of the coolest places that I've ever hung out. There is live music every night and the atmosphere just can't be beat (neither can the food!). Last night was great. I met my *friend* there - which THAT whole thing seems to be fizzling fast. But I met a NEW friend! I was pretty bummed over the Astros game so I decided to stay out late and listen to the live music and dance a little bit to cheer myself up. There was a really nice guy sitting over on the side all by himself. There were some drunk guys in the back screaming at the band, "Rock my pants off! Where's the ROCK?" Just loud enough for me to hear, the side-sitting-guy says, "In your head!" I laughed. He said, "Well, I'm glad SOMEONE heard me." I said, "Great! Now we've got our own little private joke section." Shortly after I moved over to his area. I figured out that the reason he was off to the side on his own was that he was under a nice little shade tree that kept the rain off for the most part (yes, we were outside in the rain - oh well, I won't melt). So anyway. We start talking under this tree and have some really great conversation.
Let me pause a sec to tell you about this guy. He looks just like Ethan from Survivor (oh yeah, baby) only a lot thinner. This guy is overly-hyperactive - very high metabolism apparently - and rides his bike all around Houston. So Overactive metabolism + Lots of exercise = Skinny as a rail. Now I usually like my guys with a little meat on their bones, but Chris is really really cute - so I'll let it slide!
Chris is a hoot and a half. Here's why. Everyone has met someone who talks with their hands. There are people who just gesture here and there, and then there are people who cannot get through a conversation without waving madly and gesticulating wildly through the course of talking. Well Chris goes even farther than that. He jumps around, paces back and forth, and simply can't stand still while talking. At one point he was explaining to me how after a particularly grueling bikeride in Japan his legs hurt worse than they ever had before. Explaining how much it hurt he proceeded to tell me how he wanted to lay down and die. With his interesting conversation habits - he actually laid down on the floor of the Cafe. I had people walking up asking if he was okay. I laughed and assured them that he was fine - only telling a good story. I thought his habit might be a little annoying when I first met him, but it actually makes for a very exciting conversation. His energy is absolutely addicting!
Soooo.....I got his number, he got my number. I will probably see him again soon. He says he shows up at the Cafe every Wednesday night and he is also working at the RenFaire every weekend this year - so I know where to find him! ;-D
It will be quite interesting to see where this goes...

Monday, October 11, 2004

REALLY catching up

Okay - catching up yet again. It's so funny. I started on the path to leave my husband and needed something to fill some kind of a *void*. So I jumped on here to spew everything into the big cyber-void which is blogging. My blog basically turned into a big "I'm not gettin' laid" whine-fest. And I blogged...a lot.

Of course now I have a little friend...a little nice friend...who is filling a void in my life now. And for some strange reason I just don't feel the need to blog like I used to blog. let's see here. Apparently for me, blogging is just a really good substitute for sex.

Let me share something about my nice little friend with you. He's a sweet little guy, but absolutely nothing that I would ever want out of a potential long-term mate. He's young, he's immature, he's not very driven - and this, my blogreaders, is what makes the kid so great. I absolutely will not fall for this guy. I'm not going to trot off into puppy love with him. He is there for what he is there for - that's it, nothing more. I go days and days at a time without calling - just like he does with me. But one day one of us will pick up the phone and call. And we'll see each other. Then that's it - no more talky for another week. It's perfect! Someday I'll decide it's time for something more serious - but until is good.

Some more news from my little world. I've been staying with friends since moving out of the house formerly-known-as mine. My friends are great and it's been a lot of fun, but I've really been yearning for a place of my own. I think I've finally found the place, and the roommates, and life will be very good. I'll be renting a house with some friends and we will have plenty of room, and cheap rent. The worst part about this house - I will be literally just a few houses down from the soon-to-be Ex. Creepy...oh well - he's out of town so much anyway I doubt we'll run into one another. It's got to work out. Rent's too cheap and house is too nice to give it up for something like a pesky Ex!!

Well, I really do have a lot more to say - but I need to get back to work for now! More tonight, probably!


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