Monday, October 18, 2004

More on Chris

Well, I just couldn't take it. I ended up going to the Ren Faire this weekend. I woke up on Saturday morning feeling a little "goth chick" and wanted to shop. I decided I needed a new pentagram necklace (I lost my old one a while back). So I dressed up and headed out. I got there and was feeling a little awkward with my cheesy little purse so I went and bought a new one - spent WAY too much money - but it's all leather, hand-made, and great. It will last FOREVER! So it's like an investment, right?? Riiiiight.....

Anywhoo...of COURSE I had to go by the Crystal Sticks booth to see my new friend Chris. Geez, he's a cutie! So...I messed around the Faire all day and happened to run into Chris again on the way out. We spent a little cuddly time together - it was SO nice. I was seconds away from camping out there with him, but decided to go home instead. Sometimes pleasure delaying can be a goooooood thing!! I'll go see him at the Cafe again on Wednesday... Will keep you all posted!

OH! And a quick edit to add where Chris stands on my list of WISHES. 9 Definite yes, 9 Maybe/Not sure yet, and only 1 No...then of course there's that number 20 - which will be TBD for a WHILE (hopefully).


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