Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Fun" With Jerks In Trucks

Chris and I actually have a tiny bit of disposable income these days, seeing as how he is all fancy and WORKING now! :-) So, we go out to eat dinner at Carabbas (or however the heck you spell it) tonight. It's busy so we have to park FAR in the back. Getting back there I see a HUGE Dodge truck parked almost sideways covering up probably 3 parking spaces. I'm sure he's in love with his Dodge and worried that somebody will park too close to him and ding his baby. I HATE it when people do this!! This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. So just to pee in his Cheerios I decided to park my car as close as possible to his truck. So close, I had to climb out the passenger door to get out. It was great! Please see the poorly lighted picture above to see JUST how close I actually got!
My pasta tasted 150x better knowing that some jerk was probably out right then trying to figure out just what kind of point my little MINI was trying to make. Sure enough I got a note on my car when we were done.

It says:
"I don't know why you parked so close or how you got out but you're in luck the last time I got parking lot damage (you did none) I totalled that ass holes jeep with a flashlight. It's plain stupid don't do it again. Your car with all its stickers is very recognizable. You have to be nuts."
His "nuts" was actually underlined 3 times, but i'm not an HTML guru to make that happen. So here is what I would like to say to the guy.

Yes, I am nuts, thank you very much. And why I parked so close? Just to ruin your day. I guess you don't know that YOUR truck with all its license plates is JUST as recognizeable and actually makes you EASIER to find than my little bumper stickers do mine. I also think it might be interesting to contact the local sheriff's department and find out if they may be looking for a lead in a case where someone pummeled a Jeep in a parking lot and then left.

If he finds me and wants to kick my butt for parking so close to his *precious*, he can go right ahead. I already figure he's got a tiny weenis-compensating with that HUGE truck. Oh, how my theory will be confirmed if he decides to beat up a chick that barely tops 5' tall and drives a car so tiny, it's actually called a MINI. Get over yourself, dude!

Of course, upon checking the picture that Chris took when we got home, he left the silly flash on regular and it totally washed out his license plate. But I *did* email the Sheriff's Department and asked them if there was some poor Jeep owner out there who had his car beat to hell and couldn't ever figure out who did it.

Folks, it's the small things in life that can really make your day! Have a great one!

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