Thursday, March 23, 2006

Someone. Kill. Me.

What have I gotten myself into?


Okay. Quick recap - if anything can be quick when I haven't blogged in almost 2 months. Let's see. Financials - finally received word that my pension check would be coming the first of February. Quickly made plans to spend nearly every penny. Quickly realized the stupid mail lost the check. Mommy and Daddy bailed my poor car out of the shop. When replacement check finally FedEx'ed I paid them back. Spent copious amounts of money on lots and lots of fun things (and some not so fun).

One of the BEST things - plane tickets for Robyn and Matt. Robyn has been my best friend since forever and she's been datin' this dude for 2 years. They're getting MARRIED. I needed to bestow my blessing, so I flew them down. He's AWESOME. A perfect little mix between the good good girl that Robyn has always been and the hellion that I am. She got to meet Chris. I think she likes him, too.

Chris and I have been doing some nice things now that we have money - both from my pension money and his working. He's being considered (and has already interviewed) with the great company he is working temp for. He will be getting a raise. Even better news? I should be too.

WHAT, you ask?

Yep. Me. Promoted.

It took an awful lot though , for it to happen. I found out that my best work-buddy and mentor has found employment elsewhere and will be leaving my Staffing company. I wouldn't have been so SURE I needed her Staffing position except for how much of it I've been doing since I got here. Shortly after I started her father passed away and she spent a lot of time out, and still does, since his estate was in shambles and she's meeting with about 15 lawyers every week. The other gal in our office is out a lot too between her own kidney problems and 3 kids. So here's me - The Miracle Worker - trying to juggle it all at once. THEN for this job to open up and me not be considered? I don't think so. I thought it was going to be more of a struggle than it ended up being. In order to catch this desk up (which is what I've been SUPPOSED to be doing since I started - instead of everyone elses job) I've been sneaking work home with me at night and sneaking in here early and late and on the weekends. Finally it pays off and I'm officially offered the promotion on Tuesday. Official "start date" is April 3. However, since this has happened the Kidney/Kids gal is out again and I'm doing my miracle working on top of the catching up work which is leaving me EXHAUSTED!

I fell asleep last night at about 9.

Could it be this is what adulthood is like?


I need to go out and break a law or something...this is entirely too much for me. Well, maybe I'll break the law this weekend after a good night of rest on Friday. Tonight maybe I"ll do something like...taxes. Or just go to bed at 9 - 9:30 at the latest.

Deep down I know I don't suck QUITE that bad yet - I know that the weather being 100 during the day and 40 at night has my allergies completely screwed. That and the fact that I am out of my thyroid medicine AGAIN definitely helps with the sleepiness. I woke up in the night last night in a puddle of my own nose drippings. Gross, I know. But it is what it is. Need to go buy medicine...

So perhaps I'm not a TOTAL adult. Just a workaholic.

Note to self. Become adult workaholic. Go buy medicine. Make doctor's appointment for thyroid medicine. Have energy to be a kid again!

Woo hoo.

Sounds like a plan to me.

This random blog post has been brought to you by the biggest break that I've taken here at work all month (lunches included, sadly enough).

Back to work for me!

Talk to you all sooner than later, I hope!


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