Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Two Days In A Row! Yeah, baby!!

Okay ... so this is my SECOND blog post in as many days. Go, me, go! Before too long I'll actually have room to talk about Chris's mom not posting more regularly. Woo hoo! Look out, J!!

So today I've come to a frightening conclusion. All of the time that Chris remained unemployed I really didn't worry much about the housework or cooking or any of that other housewifey mess. Every once in a while I'd clean up or cook or other stuff, but really I didn't worry about it much. Even though Chris didn't do the housekeeping much, he was available to do stuff when I needed him to. Well now that he's got a full-time job and the responsibility is now "shared" I'm feeling all housewifey ... I know-weird, huh? I wake up earlier than I need to. I have time for breakfast or coffee in the morning. I actually came home from work today on my lunch hour and did DISHES and put beans on to soak that I am going to go and cook here in a few minutes. UBER-CREEPY, huh? I feel like I'm on a mission, like I'm a part of a team that is making this house work, and I'm motivated to make it work. Chris and I are building a life together. We are planning to be together for a very, very long time and I think this job of his was just the catalyst I needed to make the change to begin making us a home. We've still got the roommate and it's not just "our" home. But it is our life. And it feels good. We're in love. We're making our home. And I'm putting my all into it.


Life is good.

Okay, Jen - TWICE in a row. Your turn. Time to update!!



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