Monday, October 11, 2004

REALLY catching up

Okay - catching up yet again. It's so funny. I started on the path to leave my husband and needed something to fill some kind of a *void*. So I jumped on here to spew everything into the big cyber-void which is blogging. My blog basically turned into a big "I'm not gettin' laid" whine-fest. And I blogged...a lot.

Of course now I have a little friend...a little nice friend...who is filling a void in my life now. And for some strange reason I just don't feel the need to blog like I used to blog. let's see here. Apparently for me, blogging is just a really good substitute for sex.

Let me share something about my nice little friend with you. He's a sweet little guy, but absolutely nothing that I would ever want out of a potential long-term mate. He's young, he's immature, he's not very driven - and this, my blogreaders, is what makes the kid so great. I absolutely will not fall for this guy. I'm not going to trot off into puppy love with him. He is there for what he is there for - that's it, nothing more. I go days and days at a time without calling - just like he does with me. But one day one of us will pick up the phone and call. And we'll see each other. Then that's it - no more talky for another week. It's perfect! Someday I'll decide it's time for something more serious - but until is good.

Some more news from my little world. I've been staying with friends since moving out of the house formerly-known-as mine. My friends are great and it's been a lot of fun, but I've really been yearning for a place of my own. I think I've finally found the place, and the roommates, and life will be very good. I'll be renting a house with some friends and we will have plenty of room, and cheap rent. The worst part about this house - I will be literally just a few houses down from the soon-to-be Ex. Creepy...oh well - he's out of town so much anyway I doubt we'll run into one another. It's got to work out. Rent's too cheap and house is too nice to give it up for something like a pesky Ex!!

Well, I really do have a lot more to say - but I need to get back to work for now! More tonight, probably!



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