Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Post with Many Titles

Takin' You Back
Those of you who have read my first blog entries remember the days of going out and staying too late on work nights. Well apparently those days are back! I went out to the Cafe last night and stayed way too late. Got about 3 hours of sleep - but am in ready to work this morning! It was just way too much fun. I met Chris and a bunch of his friends and we danced and drummed and had a great time. Yes, I probably will be out takin' a quick lunch time nap to recharge this afternoon. We did leave the Cafe before it closed, but Chris and I went out and spent a little extra time together - which is why I didn't get in until so late. The craziest part of the evening - I got locked out of the house! I pull up a little before 3:30am ready to get in the house and crash. I go to the door, turn the handle, and it's locked. One of the German Shepherds that lives in the house that I am staying in has a habit of leaning on the door handle and locking it. So I had to go knocking on a window, getting J out of bed, and having him let me in! No prob - I got in and crashed!!

My New Favorite Place in the WHOLE WORLD!
Okay - so the Cafe last night ROCKED. IT was the busiest I have seen it since I started going there (except for Pagan Pride Day, which is a special case). The music was really great and the drum circle was absolutely invigorating. BUT - that wasn't even the best part. The really wonderfully great best part was the guys! If I've ever wondered where all the boys are around Houston that are "my type" I found the place. I've never seen so many guys in one place with long dark hair before - ever! And an awful lot of them had light eyes. It was beautiful. I walked around the whole night with my tongue dragging in the sand. Of course, I was there with Chris - but his take on relationships right now is just like mine - so it was fine. Like he said, "Love me, but don't fall IN love with me." I was great with that plan. So he flirted around a little, and I flirted around a little - but at the end of the night it was me and him - and it was LOVELY! :-D I found out this morning he left his Crystal Sticks in the backseat of my car so I guess I'll just have to see him again tonight to give them back! Darn! But, yeah, so now my Wednesdays evenings officially belong to the Cafe - and all the pretty pretty boys!

Number 21!
I have a number 21 for my Wish List. Number 21 is - Will Dance. Not "CAN dance" or "can dance WELL". The point is to dance - no matter what. I was reminded of this last night watching Chris. He is lucky enough not only to want to dance, and to dance a lot, but he is great at it. He's got great rhythm and just looks great when he moves. I sat and watched him for a long time...

I guess that's all of the different things I can think of to write in my blog this morning. I've GOT to get some work done!!

Until next time...


At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you should probably be able to guess who this is posting...Dancing is life, it is the breath through the lungs; the music is the blood in the veins; the freedom of losing yourself in the energy of someone else's emotion. That's it. Listen to the music of life. It's everywhere, and dance to it wherever you are, even if the music is the wind through a downtown city street accompanied by the baseline of footsteps, and the lead melody of motors humming, and the vocals of a constant babble of a multitude of conversations.
So live life, love life, live free.
You're an awesome woman Darbi, and more so everytime I hear you talk about something. Your descriptions are superb,...again, superb. Yes. I shall see you again soon, and enjoy the feel of your company in my arms. Oh yeah...and the interesting revalations your eyes always have.
Take it easy and take care.


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