Friday, October 22, 2004


Last night I spent some more time with Chris. I went to 1960 to pick him up and we went to a nice park to sit, talk, and stare at the water. We parked next to the little dock and started to walk over to some benches on the water. First thing, a little grey goose saw us, walked up, and started plodding along next to us. Based on the neutral coloring I'm thinking it was a "she" - Buddy might be more of a masculine name, but we decided it fit well. *Plop, Plop, Plop, Plop* Her little webbed feet sounded so funny going across the concrete! The little goose followed us all the way to our bench. She would circle around the bench a couple of times and then stop to sit next to us. We made some attempts to pet her, which made her a little nervous at first, but she warmed up really quick. Most of the time that we spent at the park I spent sitting on a bench with a goose sitting squarely between my feet - her neck straight up and head popping up between my knees! Buddy was the cutest little thing. We sat and talked for a long time there at the park and she never left the viscinity. When we finally decided to leave she plodded all the way back to the car with us. She looked so sad when we left - and even stood in front of my car for a minute with her wings spread as if to say, "Take me with you!" I think Chris and I will go out and visit Buddy again soon.
Chris and I had a really great talk last night - the kind that I usually don't have with people until I've known them a lot longer. I learned a lot about him and think he learned a lot about me too. We're both story tellers - so we talked for almost 4 hours straight. We tried to stop about 10 different times and kept getting drawn back into conversation. He really is 0ne of the most unique people I've ever ever met. I'm really glad I met him, glad that he's my friend, and look forward to a lot more long, interesting conversations.

And, yes, before you ask, I realize this post wasn't really much about Buddy - but come on, HOW many more posts can I really have with Chris's name in the title?? :-D


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