Monday, October 31, 2005

A Little Response

So I get this anonymous comment on my blog that says

So he forgets your anniversary without getting bitched out for it and
supporting him, too? You are a far more patient woman than I.

So I figure I will comment on this just a bit.
First, I will ask that you just come on out and say who you are. I am not going to attack you or be angry with you. I am just going to explain my position and hope that you see where I'm coming from. I just ask that you give yourself a name for me so I know who I'm responding to.

Second, I generally don't EVER bitch Chris out. I think there are much better and more positive ways of dealing with any issue. Bitching makes me a bitch. I don't do that. As far as being upset that he didn't make some big hairy deal out of our anniversary - who cares? Like I said, I think special days like birthdays and anniversaries can be special to some but don't always have to be. For me, they're more about making the other person feel special and loved - not to make sure they make me feel that way.

Third, it is true that I support Chris. But he supports me too. WE support EACH OTHER. We each contribute to the life that we have together and I appreciate his contributions immensely. While our financial information is not for public consumption here on my blog, I will simply say that he is responsible for a good chunk of the green currently flowing INTO our household. Not only that, but there is much more than money that goes into making our house a home. Chris is great about helping out around the house. He generally does my laundry every week (he just doesn't manage to hang it up! haha ... just pokin' at ya, babe ;-) ) !! He puts up with me on Sunday evenings when I'm so tired I can hardly stand. He doesn't expect me to do things around the house when I'm falling over. He lets me rest when I can rest.

Third, yes - I am a VERY patient person! Anybody who knows me can tell you that. But patience isn't really what matters between Chris and I. While there are certainly times when it helps, I think that our understanding and respect for each other are the top things that keep us going day in and day out.

So for you, anonymous blogreader, and anyone else who may have wondered...I hope this gives you a bit more of an insight into why I do the things that I do. Whether you are a first-time reader or one of the other anonymous commenters that I've gotten, please introduce yourself!

To everyone else ... Happy Halloween! And just in case you are interested - it's been 36 days straight I've been working. I've got 25 more to go and then it's Thanksgiving! WHEW! But worth it ... so, so worth it!

Have a great one!


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Stroke me, baby!

My ego, that is! Hahahaha ....

Do you ever just get the feeling that you are on top of your game? Do you ever get the feeling that you're overly proud of it? Do you ever decide to blog about it, even though you think you're going to come across sounding like a cocky bitch?

Okay ... well then, as long as we're all on the same page....

I am currently holding down two jobs. I work at least 8 hours a day - sometimes more, seven days a week. Sometimes I feel like I might just be dragging a little ass and that my exhaustion is showing. Apparently, though it isn't.

This past weekend, Wendy (the weekend Faire boss) told me again what an awesome job I am doing. She thinks that I am fitting people both in the hats and the costumes better than even she can do. While that specific booth may not be back there next year, she will always be running some booth in that location and has given me an open invitation to come back and work there for her any time. I am enjoying the sales job more than I ever thought I would and will happily be there next year to help her out.

This week at my "real" job, I am actually getting a lot of things caught up that I have been cluttering up my desk for a while and I'm feeling really good about that. On top of that I have gotten two specific compliments from people coming into the office on my friendly demeanor and professionalism. The other ladies in the office just love me because I can work all of the hours that they can't because of kids and buying houses and other things. My life is pretty flexible.

Beyond my working life, I am also finding time to have fun. While sleep definitely suffers, I go out and have fun during the week. Chris's mom came into town for a quick visit last night and we went out and ate and hung out at the Borders for a couple of hours. It was a blast! I love Chris's mom. She rocks. I also do a fair share of drinking and fun on the weekends out at the campgrounds at Faire. So while I am working myself like crazy, I am still having a great time.

Pretty much my only downfall is my own failure to give enough attention to my spiritual and mental health. I am trying to remedy it though. I'm trying to spend a little more time meditating and concentrating on some of the important things INSIDE, and am going to start journaling a little more to work out some little internal issues that bug me from time to time.

Overall, though, life is just great. I'm working hard and playing hard and loving lots and lots. I hope that you all do the same!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

One Year

Time is a funny thing. The last year has been both the longest and the shortest in my whole stinkin' life. Go back, check the archives, and you'll see that today it has officially been one year since I met Chris. One year ago tonight I was sitting alone at the Cafe and struck up conversation with some silly boy. I think that even at the time I knew that I was meeting someone who would be very important in my life. I don't think, though, that I could even fathom just HOW important he has become. In one year I managed to meet, become friends with, begin dating, and fall in love with someone. That's a lot for one year when you think about it. Do I regret it? Not a bit. At the same time, it seems like he and I have been together forever. He is comfortable and familiar and well-loved like one of those t-shirts that I can't bear to part with from my middle school years.

No big plans for the evening. In his usual style, Chris doesn't remember the day. I gave him a card this morning, but don't mind that he didn't do anything for me. I'm one of those people that believes the joy in a special day is actually making the other person feel special - not requiring them to make ME feel special.

And Chris is very, very special to me.

Back to work for me! Y'all have a GREAT day!


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Today's Top Ten

The Top Ten Reasons Why Today Kicks Ass

1. The TV alarm goes off and VH1 has just started playing the Gorillaz video. Chris gets to dance and "ha ha ha ha ha" before we even turn all the lights on or get our glasses on.

2. Chris and I both wake up in a good mood (probably helped by the Gorillaz video) and we're all hugs and kisses.

3. Roxy, our adopted kitty, who is notoriously stand-offish, slept in between us in the bed all night.

4. A possibly major RENT CHECK snafu is averted, and so now I can call to tell them to come and fix our dishwasher and spray for the HUGE frickin' ants that have overrun our kitchen.

5. Chris is a sweetie and made me PB&J sammiches for lunch today.

6. I left home in time to stop at Whataburger this morning!

7. There was NO line at Whataburger this morning and my hashbrown stick thingys were done JUST RIGHT.

8. By some odd miracle it is actually ABOVE 70 degrees in my office today and I am able to work without my sweater on.

9. It was going to be a STUPID busy morning with lots of appointments scheduled and two people called to cancel first thing so the morning will actually be tolerable.

10. Chris and I THOUGHT AHEAD this morning and set out chicken to thaw so I will be able to cook dinner tonight at home instead of spending $$ on dinner out...I will of course be having to cook AROUND the huge frickin' ants, but that's okay!

I hope everybody else's day is going as great as mine!

Love and love,

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hi Y'all!!

So I'm just doing another quick check-in to update everybody.

Last weekend was the first weekend of the Faire and Chris and I had an absolute BLAST. I like my work schedule and what I'm doing even more than I thought I would so it's awesome!

Come on out and see me some weekend, wouldja... I get off at 5 which leaves plenty of time for you to buy me a drink! Ha!

Check out this guy.
He looks to be a litte *off* but he's dang cute and has a sweet ride. I invited him to meet me out at Faire. If he shows up, I'll just die! What a cutie. Kind of reminds me of Chris...only Chris doesn't talk to aliens. Maybe he should. Apparently believing in aliens gives you an even schweeter ride. :-D

Anyway - I'm off to do some more work. Y'all have fun and live life.


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