Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Cafe

I went out to The Cafe last night - which is what I am going to call this place since I am choosing to keep the real name one of my few secrets. The Cafe is one of the coolest places that I've ever hung out. There is live music every night and the atmosphere just can't be beat (neither can the food!). Last night was great. I met my *friend* there - which THAT whole thing seems to be fizzling fast. But I met a NEW friend! I was pretty bummed over the Astros game so I decided to stay out late and listen to the live music and dance a little bit to cheer myself up. There was a really nice guy sitting over on the side all by himself. There were some drunk guys in the back screaming at the band, "Rock my pants off! Where's the ROCK?" Just loud enough for me to hear, the side-sitting-guy says, "In your head!" I laughed. He said, "Well, I'm glad SOMEONE heard me." I said, "Great! Now we've got our own little private joke section." Shortly after I moved over to his area. I figured out that the reason he was off to the side on his own was that he was under a nice little shade tree that kept the rain off for the most part (yes, we were outside in the rain - oh well, I won't melt). So anyway. We start talking under this tree and have some really great conversation.
Let me pause a sec to tell you about this guy. He looks just like Ethan from Survivor (oh yeah, baby) only a lot thinner. This guy is overly-hyperactive - very high metabolism apparently - and rides his bike all around Houston. So Overactive metabolism + Lots of exercise = Skinny as a rail. Now I usually like my guys with a little meat on their bones, but Chris is really really cute - so I'll let it slide!
Chris is a hoot and a half. Here's why. Everyone has met someone who talks with their hands. There are people who just gesture here and there, and then there are people who cannot get through a conversation without waving madly and gesticulating wildly through the course of talking. Well Chris goes even farther than that. He jumps around, paces back and forth, and simply can't stand still while talking. At one point he was explaining to me how after a particularly grueling bikeride in Japan his legs hurt worse than they ever had before. Explaining how much it hurt he proceeded to tell me how he wanted to lay down and die. With his interesting conversation habits - he actually laid down on the floor of the Cafe. I had people walking up asking if he was okay. I laughed and assured them that he was fine - only telling a good story. I thought his habit might be a little annoying when I first met him, but it actually makes for a very exciting conversation. His energy is absolutely addicting!
Soooo.....I got his number, he got my number. I will probably see him again soon. He says he shows up at the Cafe every Wednesday night and he is also working at the RenFaire every weekend this year - so I know where to find him! ;-D
It will be quite interesting to see where this goes...


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