Friday, October 15, 2004

My Wish List

Okay. Here's the thing. I was thinking earlier about wish lists - and so I decided to post my "Perfect Guy" wish list. My absolute perfect guy would have all of these things. My ideal guy would have most. Most guys I date have some. There's also something of a scale. Some of the important ones you won't get anywhere without having; others aren't dealbreakers if you don't. So here is my first crack at a "Perfect Guy" wish list. I'll probably keep updating as I think of more

1. Dark hair
2. Long hair
3. Light eyes (blue, green)
4. Not too tall - maybe 5'3 - 6'
5. Passionate
6. Spiritual
7. Tolerant
8. Loves music
9. Plays an instrument
10. Loves pop culture as much as me
11. Can drive a car like a car should be driven
12. Likes nature
13. Can out-drink me
14. Driven
15. Funny
16. Laughs at my stupid jokes
17. Takes naps
18. Loves animals
19. Stands spiders (you don't have to love them, just don't mind if I don't kill them)
20. Loves me like I love him (see my Jareth post)

Hmmm...that's only 20 to start. Is that too much?

p.s. Any guys out there reading this who actually *fit* all of these - please, please call!! :-D


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