Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Today's Top Ten

The Top Ten Reasons Why Today Kicks Ass

1. The TV alarm goes off and VH1 has just started playing the Gorillaz video. Chris gets to dance and "ha ha ha ha ha" before we even turn all the lights on or get our glasses on.

2. Chris and I both wake up in a good mood (probably helped by the Gorillaz video) and we're all hugs and kisses.

3. Roxy, our adopted kitty, who is notoriously stand-offish, slept in between us in the bed all night.

4. A possibly major RENT CHECK snafu is averted, and so now I can call to tell them to come and fix our dishwasher and spray for the HUGE frickin' ants that have overrun our kitchen.

5. Chris is a sweetie and made me PB&J sammiches for lunch today.

6. I left home in time to stop at Whataburger this morning!

7. There was NO line at Whataburger this morning and my hashbrown stick thingys were done JUST RIGHT.

8. By some odd miracle it is actually ABOVE 70 degrees in my office today and I am able to work without my sweater on.

9. It was going to be a STUPID busy morning with lots of appointments scheduled and two people called to cancel first thing so the morning will actually be tolerable.

10. Chris and I THOUGHT AHEAD this morning and set out chicken to thaw so I will be able to cook dinner tonight at home instead of spending $$ on dinner out...I will of course be having to cook AROUND the huge frickin' ants, but that's okay!

I hope everybody else's day is going as great as mine!

Love and love,


At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Make it 11. Call your Sister... She is in dire need of a good hug and conversation...

Miss you Sister.

Love you too... Very much...

Give us a call..


Hey, where is the Merry Widow. I haven't seen her leave a comment lately....


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