Sunday, July 24, 2005

Making Myself

I'm forcing myself to blog today. It's been a good while since you all got a fresh post out of me. Why? No idea really. I guess I am just boring these days! I think that over the past week I've really been able to take a look at my life and realize that it is nothing remarkable. The sisters ... THOSE gals have got the real drama going on. Me? I've got the tame life.

Well...let me rephrase that. I have the GOOD life. Work is going good, my life is full with wonderful friends, and I am ... well ... ummm ... yeah ... I don't know why I hesitate to type this. I suppose putting it on the internet for the entire world to read makes it very, very real. It's already very, very real to me, but is the world wide web ready for it? I've never held a thing back on here before so I suppose this will be no different. I am in love.

I don't really know how it happened ... or why. I'm not even entirely sure I was ready for it. But I am. I'm here. I fell. It's even more wonderful than I remembered.

We had a little "play money" over this weekend and put it to good use. A Mexican food dinner with margaritas on Friday night and a club night last night. It was awesome and something that we very much needed and deserved. Bar none, hands down, my favorite part of the night was (believe it or not) in the Karaoke room. A girl stood up to sing and I heard the first bars of Etta James's "At Last". I was nervous. I HATE hearing this song butchered in karaoke bars. It's a sin. I was sitting, anticipating the worst, and got the best. Her voice was beautiful, and I knew from the first line that she was going to give this song the justice it deserves. But then...the best part. Chris looks at me and asks if I want to dance. "In here?" I thought that maybe he didn't like the song and wanted to go back to one of the other rooms to dance. But he replied "Yes." I got out of my chair and we found an open spot. We danced. We were the only couple in the room dancing, but we didn't care. I lost myself in him and the rest of the room melted away. It was perfect, and lovely, and probably the best moment I have had in years.

I'm only sorry we lost track of time dancing in the other room ... getting up to do "I Got You, Babe" up on the karaoke stage would have been a blast! Hahahaha!

Gotta run now ... can't spend the WHOLE day in front of the computer!

Love, dancing, and so many other wonderful things,


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