Sunday, July 03, 2005

Some Truths here are some truths for you...

1. I am writing this blog bot hdrunk and blind. I drank more than a bottle of wine on my own his evening and i haven't had anything to drink in a long time. So my tolerance is kind of shot. Sue me. I tried to go to sleep but found it a challenge, so I decided to get up and blog. I've already removed my contacts and the room was dark, so I could not find my glasses. Sue me twice. i'll file for bankruptsy. Don't think I won't...*grin*...thank god i learned how to type by touchearly in life. We'll see how goo I really am tomorrow...especially on Chris's computer keyboard...I am also too lazy to start up the laptop.

2. Life is always complicated. Just when you think you have it all together in one area...things get fucked up in another. It is one of the great universal truths. Learn to live with it.

3. My hair is fucking short and cute as hell. I went today to get my hair cut. I knew I was cutting at least ten inches to donate to Locks of Love. The gals went a little overboard so it's a little shorter than I planned. But it is still really really fucking cute. I can still get it back in a ponytail. And I think tht chris will love it.

4. Sisters come first. Before anything else I will not hurt a sister. Which is why I am awake at nearly 2am blogging instead of doing anything else. Because right now the "anything else" option would hurt a sister's feelings. So even drunk, i will not do that.

5. In spending my weeknd exploring the relationships of others...Sister's and the other sister's...I have come to realize a lot of things in myown relationship that i treasure beyond belief. I can't wait for chris to come home so that i can thank him for all of those things.

6. my parents came to see me today ad i love them a lot. i just think that is important to admit from time to time...that i love my parents...because i do. they fucking rock.

and now in this time i have managed to finish off another glass of wine so i m good and fucking toasty. so now i will try and go to bed again.

i wish yoiu all out there sweet dreams, and whatever those words of wisdom are that i said earlier...that i swore i would remember but don't. i remember i said them but not what they were...maybe tomorrow.

good night.



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