Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I am lucky in my life right now to have a very good, solid group of female friends. I think this is rare for most women, as we tend to be vindictive and kniving little bitches. I hope that my friendship with my sisters will stay as strong as it is now for years to come. What is funny is that I think in certain areas each of us are both the most mature and the most immature of the group. We all have our strengths and our faults. It's wonderful that where one or more of us are strong, we are able to help the others and lift them up. Supporting one another, we manage to get through the day-to-day mess and have fun with life. So here it is - my personal run down of the Sisters and what makes us tick.

Sister - the original, Sister M, Sister Stormy. Sister is definitely the most mature out of all of us in that she is the *actual* oldest and has the oldest child. She has lived through the most and has a lot of life wisdom to share. Her downfall is the fact that because of her circumstance, she is still a little caught up in her youth. Living back at home with her parents, under their roof and rule, she is the one of us with the most restrictions on what she can and can't do.

Then there's Sister N, or Sister99 as I've taken to calling her. This sister is the most financially mature of all of us, as she happens to have her monetary shit together more than any of us. She pays a mortgage, while I rent and Sister Stormy is shackin' with the 'rents. She is, however, the most immature of us physically. This isn't a bad thing, however. Sister99 has managed to keep her body looking young and fit. She is a dirty whore for this. :-D (just kidding, sister!!) What I wouldn't give for better genes....

Then there is me. This is the toughest one I think to figure out. I think that I am actually the most responsible of the three in terms of my relationship. Who would have ever figured that *I* would be the one with the most normal and solid relationship? What Chris and I have is wonderful, I admit. But to look at us and realize that we are in the most "mature" of relationships among the sisters ... that's just weird! :-D And immature ... I don't know ... yall might have to help me with this one. I suppose I'll take the easy answer and say that I am the youngest of the sisters. I've got the least number of years behind me. I think that's my biggest handicap - I'm naive from time to time.

So that is it. That is the Sisters. We are having a dinner party tomorrow night. Take-out Chinese and booze is the menu. We will all have our siginifant others. It will be an interesting evening to say the least! But I can't wait. Sister time!! Woo hoo!

If only my most important Sister of all were going to be here, too. I love you and miss you, Robyn!

Love to all my sisters!


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Charlene said...

thank you for your words of encouragement ... I was feeling just a little down and needed to vent...Today is mine and Steves 4th year anniversary and the first one that we have spent apart..A little childish I know but I still cant help feeling sad. It felt good though to see ya'll message. As far as Amanda I am so glad that she went but miss her alot but she will be back. What you said about keeping female friends is so true. My husband had a friend who had a fiance with a baby on the way and I was really looking forward to becoming good friends but I found out that is no were near what the fiance was thinking. I am kinda glad because I would rather keep the true friends I have then have ones who are fake. Mine and his family are great to they bought me flowers and are keeping me entertained today. It feels great and makes me feel stronger ..... Thank you again I feel so much better now

At 6:06 PM, Blogger L said...

i need more sisters. i grew up as a tomboy, so i had mostly boy friends. now that i'm older i realize the importance of having girls around, but good ones seem to be hard to find unless you've known them forever. grrrr..


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