Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I'm sitting in my big comfy chair next to the sliding door. The door is open and I can SMELL the rain. It smells wet and steamy, sweet, and wonderful. There's thunder. But the drops are suspended...just hanging there above the earth, not falling. I think my own obstinate attitude has rubbed off on the rain.

It hasn't rained here since the middle of March. We NEED some water. Not just for the ground, but for life in general. Rain cleanses both the earth and the people in it. It clears out the muck. It rejuvinates life...all kinds of life.

I need a restart. I need to refresh myself. For all of my techie friends, I need to reboot!

If it rains I am going outside to stand in it for a while. Until I feel better.

I have to get up to be at work at 7 tomorrow morning - starting a new schedule. But the rain is more important. I hope it comes soon!!



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