Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lazy Blogging Alert

So...all is right with the world. I'm happy and having fun. I do have to go back to work tomorrow, which sucks, but hey - I gotta pay the bills somehow. *shrug* I'm a little concerned about this happy state though. Given my recent panic attacks and schtuff I am treating it like a house of cards ... not wanting to look too hard at it or breathe too heavy in that direction for fear it will all come crumbling. So...I have stolen this from Sister99 which she stole from Mel. Yay for these things - because they keep my blog going on days when introspection is just a little much for me.

So, here are 10 questions to make you squirm. If you have the cajones...answer them; I have.Enjoy!

1. At what age and under what circumstances did you lose your virginity? Was it disappointing, or all you'd thought it would be?
I was 14 and holy shit it was disappointing. It stayed that way for a loooong time. That's all I have to say about that.

2. What guilty pleasure do you indulge in that no one else knows about?
Gay porn. You might think I'm joking ... but I'm not. :-p

3. Do you have a birthmark, and if so, where is it and what does it look like?
I have two dime-sized ones. One on my boob that's barely visible anymore and one on a butt cheek.

4. What's the saddest thing you've ever seen?
When I was around 10 I saw a turtle get run over. It's shell was cracked into about a million pieces but it wasn't dead. The turtle kept trying to crawl away with it's remaining front legs and couldn't move. I had nightmares for weeks.

5. What is the WORST book you've ever read?
Beloved - maybe it was just my maturity level or attitude at the time - but I hated it.

6. What is the most delicious food you've ever tasted?
I still remember my very first chocolate truffle. If I could go back in time and taste it again for the first time, I would.

7. Have you ever had or BEEN a secret admirer? Details, please.
Not that I recall ... but I wouldn't put it past me! :-D

8. Describe yourself in 10 words or less.
I kick ass. And I'm humble! Hahaha!

9. If you could spend an hour with anyone, anywhere, doing anything, who would it be, where and what would you do? Why?
I would spend an hour drinking whiskey with my late grandfather. He died when I was young, and I wish we could have done more together. I know he loves whiskey as much as I do, and we're both a little rough around the edges. Why sugar-coat anything? We'd spend time doing something we enjoy and do well!

10. What is one thing you are ashamed to admit you know nothing about?
Physics, probably. I mean I know the general, common sense stuff, but never took any in high school. Shoulda.

Answer one, or some, or all of the questions. Of course you also have the option of answering none. But I hope you won't take that option. After all, isn't it kind of fun to just BARE your soul once in a while?

I can't wait to see if anyone else picks this up! I thought it was fun - and some good thought-provoking questions.

Love and love and love to everybody!


At 6:21 AM, Blogger Agent 99 said...

Way to go Sister!

Yay for the balls to post secret shit on the internet for total strangers to read. :-P

At 8:01 PM, Blogger melodyann said...

Why you question shagging freako! I'm feelin' loved.... I gotta think of some more questions...

Loved your answers, by the way. God, I still remember my first truffle too........

At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a secret admirer.

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Darbi said...

Hmmm...I am intrigued!!


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