Monday, December 13, 2004

Panties and Confidence

Okay. I REALIZE that I've already blogged once today and another blog is absolutely not needed; but sometimes it's Monday, I don't feel like working, and blogging seems a much more logical choice on how to spend the afternoon. And so I bring you a blog that has been a long time in the making. It's gone thru many manifestations of the same central theme. Today, however, the oven timer dinged signaling a finished and cooked-thru blog and so I'm serving it up hot and fresh. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Panties and Confidence

Some of you may know this about me and some of you may not, but I am an absolute sucker for cute panties. There's a little Outlet Mall just down the road from work, and at least 3 times a month you can find me there on the bargain tables buying entirely too many pairs of cute panties. I love panties with cute designs or sayings on them. Which, as is my custom, leads me to ask myself, "Why?"
Well you see, I am not a flasher. People rarely see my panties unless they're having sex with me, chronically go with me to the bathroom, or are there with me while I'm buying my cute panties (each of you in these categories KNOW who you ARE!) So what is it that leads me to spend more money on cute panties rather than buy the packages of cheap Hanes plain white undies? The answer, folks, is confidence. There's something great that happens to your spirit when you know you're wearing something great under your clothes. My personal favorite pair are navy blue with Rock Star written in silver on the front with stars on the butt. Sometimes I want to feel pretty and wear a frilly pair. Sometimes I want to feel sexy so I wear my T-back that actually has "Sexy" embroidered on the back. It's all just a matter of treating yourself to something that makes you feel great without calling yourself out in a crowd. It's something private and nice that I do for myself every day when I'm getting dressed.

Here's the thing that's really been cracking me up lately, though. With my current good mood, whimsical attitude, and mentally sound state I've kind of been growing my own confidence. I'm spending less and less time every morning picking out the perfect panties to make my day complete. This all culminated this morning when I woke up late and was in a mad rush to get ready for work. I looked at my underwear box*, said Screw it!, threw on my red dress with the white flowers, and headed out the door. That's right, my faithful blogreaders, I'm all about going commando today! It's a little silly to get all analytical over not wearing panties, but I am a silly individual from time to time so bear with me. What I've come up with is that, for me, this is the ultimate sign of confidence. While I have been drawing confidence from a pair of frilly underthings for months, I am confident enough with myself today that I can go without and still enjoy the same feeling. THAT in turn gives me even more confidence. :-D
Will I continue with this crazy habit? Who knows? My panties are awfully pretty! We'll see...

*Yes, my underwear are currently kept in a box. It's a little, ugly, cardboard box. Give me a break wouldja! - everything I have is stuffed in a tiny closet at my friend's house. THIS WEEKEND I will have a pretty dresser drawer to keep all of my pretty panties in. Until then, give me a frickin' break!


At 9:20 AM, Blogger Egan said...

I too am going "commando" today. Must be something about owning a MINI that does this to us.

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that I go commando most of the time. Unless I expect to be having sex with someone else later then I pull out a pair of lovely panties, maybe they match the bra or just make me happy. I was thinking this morning while looking at the discarded pair of cute panties peeking out from beneath the bed that I need to buy some new cute panties for Vegas. Yeah Baby. I see a day panty shopping with Darbi.



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