Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Just What I Needed

My current solution for keeping things casual with Chris is to try - at least once a week - to spend a little time obsessing over some other crush in my life. The more time I spend with Chris, the harder this is. The best thing is actual, real, face-to-face time (maybe even quality time) with someone else.
Well today I was a little over-obsessively thinking about Chris - he has a way of working himself into my thoughts during the day. After lunch it was PARTICULARLY difficult keeping my mind on other things....when Randy walked in. Yep. Randy. Newly-shaved-head Randy. But Randy's hair is not really as short as I thought it was going to be. He used a pair of clippers but did not shave it clean, and with as fast as his hair grows he's got a good amount on the top of his head. He still has his lovely and sexy scruffy beard too - so it's definitely surviveable. What can I say...I love dirty boys! His eyes are still beautiful, his smile is still sweet, and he let me rub his head - his hair is soft.....ahhhhhhhhhhh...... :-D
So there's Randy ready to do some work around my office. I sat and watched him work, and we talked. We had some really great conversation. I was sitting there asking myself, "With all this great conversation, why the hell won't he CALL me?" and he asked me for my phone number again. Apparently he misplaced it the first time I gave it to him. EEEEeeeeeeek! There IS hope in this world for me after all! I am officially UN-shot down by Randy. He also explained to me that he lives out in BFE in Montgomery County and it will be long distance to call my cell phone, so if I don't get a call from him right away I'll understand why. He's still here - working around the new office building somewhere. I'm considering biting the bullet and walking out there to see if he wants to do something on Saturday night. Just considering... We'll see....
I'll let you know how it goes!

Feeling on top of the world...



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