Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Okay. I successfully fought off allergies earlier this winter, but now I'm up against a far greater adversary. The Flu. My boss had it last week and was out the entire week. I started feeling a little tickle in my throat and my nose started acting up on Friday afternoon. I spent the majority of my weekend in a semi-comatose state in the bed. I'm still feeling like hammered and stomped-upon dog poo, but I'm surviving. Unfortunately this also means that I have no motivation or creativity to blog about anything more than my ailing nose/throat/lungs. But I felt bad for having not posted for a couple of days on the ol' blog so I figured I'd get it done. I've got a lot I've written and haven't posted and a lot I'd like to say - but just not today.

More later - when I'm feeling better...



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