Thursday, January 06, 2005

Figuring Schit Out

So I know this is going to sound completely cheesy and untrue, but based upon my feelings of this morning it's looking like the answer to the problems swirling around in the old noggin' these days. I must have LIVE MUSIC. I must DANCE. I need it to survive.

See last week Chris and I got busy visiting friends and just a little itchy for something new so we skipped out on the Cafe. We ended up spending the evening with some good friends who may or may not be taking a LOA soon - so we definitely needed a little quality time with them. Then we just headed out to a local pub for a couple of drinks and some people watching. It was a nice time, but I did miss the Cafe.

So that on top of a busy week - with New Years and all - ended up leaving me with my longest stretch in a long time not seeing any sort of live music. Believe it or not, I think THIS has what has caused my general shitty mood and bad attitude over the last week. It continued to spiral down and ended up in the horrible mental funk of the last few days (and couple of blogs). I went to the Cafe last night and expected a mediocre time to match my mediocre mood - and was SO pleasantly surprised! As soon as Pot Roast started playing, the funk started to lift. My mood improved. I started to dance. Before long, I was headlong into a usual fun night at the Cafe - meeting new people, dancing with friends, and having a great time. I felt like myself again.

I know that this sounds weird and that the root of my problem seemed to be of some sort of a sexual nature, but what do you expect? My sex life is a pretty big chunk of the life pie these any problem in general is bound to start having an effect on it. Perhaps that is just the area that it was easiest to recognize a change in. As far as the gender preference issue - geez, some of those pretty boys out at the Cafe sure had a way of swinging me back in the other direction last night. Maybe I just needed something new to look at...

Call me crazy, or whatever else you want, but I honestly think that simply the lack of a little live music and dancing influence over the last week had a whole heckuva lot to do with my mood. So today I announce yet another track in Darbi's Guide to Life. In addition to Chapter One, lovingly called the "Keeping Chris Casual" plan I would like to introduce Chapter Two - "Live Music for Survival". I think I smell another book idea...

Here's to living, loving, live music, and dancing! Happy Thursday everybody!



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