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I'm blogging at night again...back up at MoCo using their wifi. Something I've been meaning to do for a long time is post some poetry. I actually remembered to grab a little folder full of it when I left the house so I suppose tonight is the night. Words are amazing. I love words like I love music...I actually think that it's an extension of my love of music. While beats, rhythms, melody, and harmony are all important to me - lyrics are one of my favorite things about music. So on to some words without music...just good poetry.

This first one is a poem I wrote about a boyfriend I had a long, long time ago. I was probably...13 or so. I found it my senior year, cleaned it up a bit, and entered it into a poetry contest. I won. :-D

BRY or It Burns Inside Your Soul

I know your heart and I know your mind
I know the voices deep inside
Your head - they speak inside me, too
Familiar as a friend

My heart burns inside your soul
Deep within yourself, you know
You hear my mind as I hear yours
Forever lost...inside ourselves

Far inside you sing to me
The songs that tell your pain
I scream alone and sometimes weep
For your heartache that I share

My heart is heavy with the burden of your fears
Society ignores and conceals the pain we feel inside
Can we take much more?

But love also dwells inside that heart
The beauty in your face
Brings and smile and brightens
My most depressing days

Please understand my feelings
Reflections of your own
And listen for my heart because
It burns inside your soul

Next is one written by a friend of mine growing up. His name is John Willis. I have no idea what he's up to or where he is now and I really hope he doesn't mind me posting this on my blog. The poem is really beautiful though and I want to share it.

Candycorn Fields

Candycorn field stretching for miles
Candycorn pickers with warm greeting smiles
I stop to ask someone, is this place heaven
He says, "No, heaven is that way - near Seven Eleven"
Then what is this place I ask the small man
He says, "I'll try to explain it the best that I can
See these are candycorn fields and we are the planters
These are candycorn fields and that's all that matters
You see we've made a special place here
To be just what we are
See candycorn fields are where you can go
When the world gets too bad or you feel all alone
And all you must do when it comes time to leave
Is open your eyes and cease to believe
That this place exists, or that you have been here
But always come back because we hold you quite dear
And if one day you like, there is a spot you can fill
So you too can plant in candycorn fields."

I found bits and pieces of this one written down...I'm going to clean it up a little and try and get it on here like it should be (or close). I seem to remember sitting on the top of my house and watching the sun set. We lived on the edge of town and the whole area was just flat - so a good sunset can really be quite an event in the Panhandle. This is currently...


The glorious day grows weary
Eyelids heavy, she begins her retreat
But vain, she cannot go
Without one last wonderous show
A final spectacle, a diva's encore
She uncovers her sunset
Revealing beautiful colors
Astonishing all who cast their eyes upon her
Colors brighten then darken, flow and change
Reds and yellows, then purples to blue
Light dims, daylight fades into night
And she is gone

This one kind of freaked me out when I read it recently. I remember very specifically the mental image I had writing this so long ago. If any of you have seen What Dreams May Come you will remember the house that the couple has that reinvents itself in the wife's hell - broken and in disrepair. The symbolism of that house in the movie is quite similar to what I had in my head here.

The Castle

Look around!
Is this really all that's left of the beauty that once stood here?
Can it be that time has finally worn away the splendor?
Once so great, true, and strong.
It spread its arms around me, protecting me
I remember...
Feeling warm and secure
Dancing through beautiful, colorful rooms
Roaming and exploring every corner in my palace of light

But that was before...
Now my palace is demolished
Cracked, crumbling, and filled with holes
Nothing left but emptiness in a place that held so much
I weep for what I've lost
I want to rebuild but can't
It's gone. It will never return.
The perfect structure that was here was only in my mind
A tangible shape given to the love that we had
The battles in my mind tore the building apart
The walls! The walls gave way and love broke free...escaped
It's no longer mine
Never again will I feel the joy of sunshine breaking through these windows
Ricocheting off the walls, your love will never brighten my day
The light is gone, the sun has set.
Perhaps it will come again tomorrow, but will it feel the same?

I've probably bored you all enough at this point. I realize my writing at this point (think 13 - 14) is quite cryptic and obtuse, even with a little editing here and there. Maybe I'll post some more later - or maybe you'll beg me not to!
Anyway - that's all for now. I'm sure there's something else out here on this internet I can get into until 9...



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