Thursday, February 03, 2005

Back to the Basics

Life is so good these days I can hardly stand it. My biggest gripes are that there's never enough money between paydays (but really, when is there EVER?) and the same old allergy/flu issues that plague me every year around this time. I have a really great life, really wonderful friends, and plenty of love given and received to make my heart full.

Even with all of these great things, though, I've found myself a little more down over the past couple of weeks than I should be. Introspective as usual, I've definitely found my issue. Spending time in my wonderful life with all of my wonderful friends I've lost the time to take care of some of the basics. Spiritually, I am once again beginning to falter. I started out 2005 with a bang - ready to really get in touch with my spiritual self. I hoped to perform at least some minor rituals a few times a week - rituals for love, friends, and prosperity that would keep my life on the positive track that it has been on. And for the first couple of weeks of 2005 I kept with that, and the results have certainly showed. The problem is that while taking advantage of all of the good things that come from utilizing all of the positive energies within myself and the world arond me, I've lost touch with those energies.

It's time to find some balance. It's time to get back to the basics. I'm going to have to cut back on some of my happy-go-lucky times to make sure that I am caring for my spirit enough for them to continue indefinitely. My friends are wonderful and I'm sure they will understand. Maybe and hopefully some of them will want to take a part in these things with me - because the more positive energy brought into a ritual, the better.

So this is my plan. And I'm counting on those of you who are reading this to help me stick to it. I need my spiritual time. I need that positive energy in my life - just as much as I need all of you. So...bear with me - or come with me - while I attempt to get back on track with an important part of my life. Blessings for me and for all of you.



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