Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My Post-Valentine's Blog

Okay so yesterday I surfed the net...a lot. Work was just not in my head. And so I surfed...did I mention a LOT?

One thing that I noticed out there in blogland is that Valentine's Day is a pretty big day for posting love stories. I read a lot of them. They were all wonderful, sweet, and full of lovely details that us voyeuristic fucks that read blogs love. There is simply so much love out in the world.
Why are there wars and fights and stupidness like that? If we could all stop loving just one person for a minute we could probably solve a lot of that. As horribly as I feel towards our dumbass Dubya I have no doubt in my mind that he dotes upon his wife and daughters and showers them with love. Why couldn't he chip off a tiny bit of that for ONE SECOND and give it to the rest of the world - instead of trying to dominate it all the time? Whoa...sorry about that. Kind of went off on a scary, windy road there. I will attempt to pull myself back on track with what I really wanted to blog about today...

*clears throat*

So back to today. I went thru these lovely stories of devotion for the holiday yesterday and thought about my own blog. Short, sweet, and not even to the point - just a general idea for anyone who reads. If nothing else, my blog has always been completely informative - I don't hide a lot from you people. So why was yesterday so different? I don't know...I can't figure it out. I just thought it was ... enough.
Something is definitely different, though, since the "big event" (as some have taken to calling it). As much as I told myself that it would be nearly the same situation, it does feel different. It's a good different. I'm insanely happy, and I guess I just feel at peace inside. I can't really describe it. And I don't really even want to try. When I can put it into words, I will. But until then - just expect blogs on other subjects. Just let me wallow around in this a while, wouldja? :-D

That's all...for today anyway.

Wallowing in happiness will now continue in 5...






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