Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lost: One set of balls

Okay so there's this guy...I've mentioned him breifly in my blog before. He's absolutely nothing that I normally like in a guy but I like him a lot. He's mysterious!!!! I can't figure him out. He's really one of the only guys that I can think of that that are up there on the same interest level as Chris. I talk to him nearly every day. We purposefully go to each other's offices to say hello. We're going out to DINNER next week (not a date - just for food). And I'm really not sure if he knows how I feel or not.

I'm usually a pretty up-front girl. If I like you, you should know it. I am not afraid to lay it all out there. But with him, I just can't. Has anyone seen where I left my balls???
I flirt with him - I really do. A LOT. But he just doens't seem to realize. And I can't come out and tell him exactly what I think.

I think I've got a tiny bit of logic in my brain that tells me it wouldn't work between us. He's too Republican and too quiet. He's so introverted. But at the same time, when I really think about it...we probably could. But we probably won't. But I wish we could...I'd give it a damn good shot anyway...

Why do I lose my nerve when he's around? Anyone?


At 4:45 PM, Blogger Egan said...

Losing your nerve isn't half bad. It means you dig the guy. Maybe he's a bit shy. Go out for a dinner a few times and see if things progress into dates. Check back in later please! I want to know if he reciprocates or not.

-Dr. Egan


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