Friday, December 17, 2004

DMB Overload

Have you ever listened to SO much Dave Matthews that you feel like you're going to explode? His lyrics and the energy in his music can get to be a little much for my heart to handle. Each song touches me in a different way - overwhelming feelings of happiness, sadness, love, obsession, or just plain fun. I alternate between wanting to cry, get up and dance around the office, hug someone randomly, or twirl. I don't know what it is about Dave, but some of his music just makes me want to stand in one spot, put my arms out at my sides, and TWIRL!

Chris burned me a CD the other day with a bunch of Dave songs and it is the most perfect CD ever. I could not have picked a better playlist for myself. Old, new, covers - it's all there. I've listened to it pretty much non-stop since he gave it to me. You know you've got a great friend when they burn you the perfect DMB mix.

I'm under enough stress today as it is, with the big move tomorrow. My mind is already aflood with lists of things to be done, worry about whether things are ready, and just general stress. I don't know how much more Dave Matthews I can take. I'm on overload. Maybe I should turn it off for just a bit and listen to something a little more mindless. I'm thinking maybe Jet. Great beat, good energy, but not a lot of feeling. Just good rock. It will keep my feet tapping but not occupy my mind. Sounds like a good plan. Now to the task of motivating my fingers to press the Stop button on Dave. He's like an addiction. I know he's bad for me but I just.....can't.....STOP!

Wish me luck with tomorrow's move, everybody!



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