Wednesday, December 22, 2004

By Dose Ith Thtuffy

Well...the move did it. It officially brought on the battle of the year - Allergies vs. My Poor Sinuses. My thoughtful ex found it in his infinite wisdom to leave all of my belongings out in the garage for the dustiest, mold-sporiest 2 months out of the whole farking year.

Going thru the boxes over the last few days and stirring up dust has left my sinuses in a very sad and poor state. I'm blowing my nose every 2 minutes and therefore my nose is red. I'm having trouble breathing thru my nose, and so brething thru my mouth has left my lips chapped. I'm congested and getting out of breath easily. Luckily, infection has not yet set in thanks to a grueling medication regimen I have learned to put myself on in such a situation - but one false move and it could be on me like crazy.

In addition I'm supposed to be traveling for the Christmas holiday, which will NOT improve the situation, but I've just got to go. Chances are this will be my grandfather's last Christmas with us and I know I need to go and spend some time. At the same time, I wonder if I should be around him in my sickly state. If I do end up with a sinus infection while I am there I could only make things worse by passing it along to him or my grandma.

I am not ill enough, however, to cancel my Cafe trip tonight. It's just not going to happen. No frickin way. So I will continue on with my barrage of meds.

This morning I took:
2 huge Vitamin C pills
2 Tylenol Allergy Sinus
1 Zyrtec
1 B-complex vitamin

The last two nights I have:
Taken a Benadryl and passed out early
Slopped myself up with Vicks Vapo-rub to help with congestion

After work today I will dose up again on Vitamin C, Zyrtec, and Tylenol or Sudafed. Unfortunately I can't take the Benadryl because of the lack of hours between sleep time after the Cafe and wake up time for work tomorrow. Hopefully that wont be the misstep that will send me careening into a full-fledged, bed-ridden, sinus infected stupor. Only time will tell...

That's all for blogging right now. Time to go and blow my nose again and re-apply chapstick.




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