Thursday, September 23, 2004

Catching Up's been a little while. But I thought with the THREE that I posted in one day last week you readers could go without for a while.

First thing - Last weekend. Best. Weekend. Ever. That's all....

Second thing - the Witch's Ball. I think I might actually have a couple of good date ideas. I've decided to alter my approach though. Since I am NOT looking for any kind of a relationship, I've decided to put off asking anyone officially to the Ball. I figure anyone who I ask now, I will have to stay in contact with over the next month - which could lead to more of a "relationship" than I am willing to commit to right now. So I'm going to procrastinate, and hope for the best.

3rd thing - Dancing. I've mentioned before about guys' dancing. There are a lot of different kinds of dancers and they're all so much fun. The really important thing to remember, though, is just to dance. This is the big secret, guys! Girls don't care how badly you dance - only that you dance. So give it a shot. It will work.

I think that's all for now. Gotta actually get some work done.



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