Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hell and a Half

I wrote out a pretty good blog just now...and then my computer farked up....and I lost it all. Let me see if I can do this again.

I am posting this in the morning at work. I am still making some sort of an effort to be motivated and actually get something accomplished in my day. I know I am not going to be able to quit screwing around cold turkey so I've made a deal with myself. Do all your screwing around, check your blogs, email, and write a blog first thing. Then focus the rest of the day. So that is what I'm up to. I know, I know - I don't really think it will work either - but it is worth a shot.

I had a really oddball dream last night. I dreamed that one of my friends was a paper doll. I've been trying to get this guy (we'll call him Guy, in fact) figured out and I guess that just came out in my dream. So there Guy was, in my dream, 2-D and wearing a pair of maroon paisley boxer shorts (hey - it's my dream, he can wear whatever I want him to wear!). I proceeded to cover him with the uniforms of different subcultures. There was Business Guy, Punk Rock Guy, Motorcycle Guy, S&M Guy, Hippie Guy, all different kinds of Guys. It was a really interesting dream. It's just too bad that paper dolls come with underclothes...because it wouldn't have been so bad to see Nudist Guy! Hahahahahahaha! Dreams can be cruel sometimes.... which brings me to point -

I am still a really lonely, horny bastard. All interested parties are either 1) married 2) old 3) both or 4) just not my type. Let me pause for a moment to define "old". I am not a really picky person in this department. My idea of *old* pretty much cuts off at my father's age. So I don't want you to think I'm out there looking for the "perfect man" in his twenties. I know he doesn't exist. But, truth be told, standards seem to be dropping by the day. I hope something works out soon - I dont' want to do something stupid out of desperation. :-(


At 4:05 PM, Blogger Tex-Mex Devil said...

dont worry, you'll find sexy Guy soon enough


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