Monday, September 13, 2004

My 1st Uninhibited Weekend

Went out both nights last weekend and had a real blast both nights. It's so good to be on my own again and feel like myself again. I didn't do anything toooo crazy and stayed safe - so I guess it'll go down as a success.

Night 1 - Friday - went down to a cheesy little dance club with my friend Daisy. There are 3 rooms: 1 80's, 1 hip-hop/dance, 1 salsa room. Spent most of the evening going back and forth between the 80's and dance rooms. I love a place like this with more than one dancing area. What this means is that you can dance in one room with one guy, and when/if (usually when) he gets to be too grabby you can motion to your friend to switch rooms, and you can go start all over again with a whole new crowd. I danced with a few guys through the night - the most memorable was a guy who looked like Moby and Hannibal Lecter had a love child. I know, it's hard to imagine, but if you can get the vision in your head - that's what this guy looked like. He was in the 80's room. I had seen him in there on and off all night dancing by himself. I'm drawn to that kind of confidence, so when a good song came on I just walked up, gave him a little smile, and started dancing with him. He was very nice and not a bad dancer. I'll have to do another post later about types of guy dancers. They're a hoot.... :-) Danced my ass off until the place shut down at 2am and went home.....alone.

Night 2 - Saturday - went down to a bar to see a live band play. This is NOT the live band from my previous posts. That band is currently taking a hiatus from shows. This is a band that a fellow Soma-ite recommended to me - so I went and met her down in the city for a little live-music fix. This band, Liquid Sand, was really awesome. Much more marketable than Soma - seems they've been at it longer. The group of folks I was with were a little unbalanced, gender-wise. Lots of girls, just two guys. Both were "spoken for" very quickly. This ended up a little odd for me as a really cute girl named Carmen got drunk and decided she was going to go after me instead. Carmen was a damn cute girl, and I'm not one to get all picky over gender, so I danced with her some. I got a couple of very sweet, albeit drunk and sloppy, kisses from her. Someday if I ever decide to post some pictures I'll post one of me and Carmen dancing. The music was really great and so I danced a lot. Danced my ass off until the place shut down at 2am and went home.....alone........again.

Pretty lonely weekend except for my minor girl-on-girl action in the middle of the bar dance floor. This is getting pretty old pretty quick. I'm in need of a little lovin'.....

Lonely as I could be,


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