Monday, September 20, 2004


A memorial post.

Saturday afternoon a couple of the other "goddesses" and I were sent into town from the retreat for supplies. (Please read: we drank all the booze the night before and needed more.) We went to a nice little liquor store in Conroe. I was feeling whiskey-ish and asked the cute liquor store guy for a recommendation. He recommended Knob Creek - a lovely 100 proof bourbon whiskey. It was a big hit and definitely did its job with me Saturday night.

I went today to drop off a nice thank you card to the cute liquor store guy and found two police cars parked in front of the store. Coming closer I realized the horror of the situation. A little red sports car dived nose first into the front of the liqor store - right into the left side of the store...right into the whiskey section.

I just wanted to cry...

R.I.P. all you lovely whiskey bottles. I think there was a nice bottle of Belvane single malt scotch really near the windows too. Such a waste....



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