Thursday, September 16, 2004

Too Close / Too Far

I am going to change the name of my blog to "Bitching about my non-existant sex life". Because it seems that is all I do here. But of course, that is all that is on my mind. So of course, when I sit down to write a blog that just happens to be What Comes To Mind (please see current blog name).
So, on to my Too Close/Too Far problem.
This is the problem with men and trying to get a little hook up out of any of them. They are all either too close to me, or too far from me.
Too close means lots of things. Generally the people that fall into this category are 1) men that I work with and 2) men that know my husband. Now, I realize that there are men that I work with that are available and I'm not saying all of them are too close. The ones that are too close are the ones who are married and still hitting on me, older than my father and still hitting on me, or just those that I know that have a big big mouth. I'm not looking for half the people I work with knowing what I'm up to on the weekends. These men are TOO CLOSE and therefore I cannot or should not hook up with them.
Too far means only one thing. I don't yet know them. These are people on the internet, people I pass on the street, people that hit on me in a bar or club. As I've said before I am not looking to start even a casual dating relationship with anyone. In order to get to know most of these people, that is probably what I'm going to have to start with. Of course, if I really wanted to I could probably just head home with one of these people. But in today's world of STD's and weirdos with knives I don't think that is such a great idea.
Now to the men in the middle. There is a group of men in the middle of these two groups. These very few guys are definitely my type and unattached. There aren't many of them. However, this is my fear with them. I generally consider myself to be in the "friend zone" with these guys. They are my friends. These guys, I think, are my best bet, but I guess I just suck at dragging someone out of the "zone" and into something more - because I just haven't made it happen yet.
My biggest fear is that out of desperation I will end up with someone out of the Too Close or Too Far groups and get myself into a load of trouble.
But until that desperate moment hits, I will just continue to hope for someone from the Friend Zone to come around.

...le sigh...


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