Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday, Monday

So...I actually got a lot of things off of my list done. Nothing hugely and absolutely overdone - but something! I did 2 loads of laundry and actually HUNG stuff up - not just piled it in a basket on the floor. I cleaned most of the trash out of my car - so it doesn't look quite so funky now. You can actually SEE most of the floor in our room (mostly thanks to doing and hanging up laundry). And while I haven't gotten around much to WRITING anything about the whole life re-evaluation thing I have done some serious thinking. The thing that is most important to me right now is balance. I've always been something of an extremist I think. I was EXTREMELY one way when I was married and now I am very much the opposite. While I am loving the freedom this new extreme attitude is affording me, I realize that I need to go the other direction. I find that I am digging myself into a big ugly hole. However, I am okay with the fact that I do not need to turn tail and run all the way back to the way I was. I simply need to get about halfway there. I need to find a happy place somewhere between my tightwad, overly-responsible past and my carefree laissez-faire present. One thing that I am starting to realize however is that I need to NOT make rules for myself here. Sitting down, making a list, and structuring my entire re-birth will be too far back. That would be what the old me would do - hands down. So what I need to do is simply concentrate on steering myself in a positive direction. I could drive myself to change with a whip and a list of things to do...or I can just let it happen. Keep a goal in mind and get there without driving myself like crazy. That's the plan for now.

In other news I've actually tapped into quite a lovely well of workplace motivation. I accomplished a LOT over the weekend and it's carrying over into my Monday. I think the perfect metaphor for this is simply the pile of work that is over me. It had gotten to be too much. I couldn't move - I was completely stifled by the number of things hanging over me to do. I removed a very large portion of that pile over the weekend, and now with a smaller pile I am able to move around, free to get more done. Now if I can just keep that pile small and not let it overwhelm me again I'll be in great shape. So...back to work!

Happy Monday, everybody!



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