Friday, May 13, 2005

Happy Friday the 13th!

Yes, you. No...not you....YOU. You know who you are.

It was always "our" day wasn't it?

heeheehee :-D

It's a little silly that my favorite holiday of the year is:
1) not really a holiday
2) not easy to track (can come once or several times in a year)
3) has no real purpose other than some spooky connotation that I don't even buy into

Actually - that makes it the PERFECT favorite holiday for me. Because apparently, I'm silly. I hear that a lot anyway.

Despite being one of my favorite days of the year I'm actually kind of in a funk today. I'm forgetting to take my thyroid medicine again - today is day 2 without it. I've always griped that the first thing to go when I forget to take it one day is the ability to remember to take it the next. I'm usually a sleepy little puddle on the floor before I can get myself back into the habit of taking it. But I will try REALLY hard to remember tonight.

Chris is going out of town this weekend without me. I've got to work and he is going to the Faire and spending a couple of extra days there thru next week. Alone time is a good thing. It allows for reflection. And it allows me time to catch up on my reading! :-D I'm just finishing up with book three of the Dark Tower Series (re-reading it so I can be fresh to read the new and final books). I've got quite a lofty goal of being halfway through four by the time he comes back next week. Who knows if I'll actually get there. But we'll see. My laundry list of things to do while he is gone:

1. Laundry...lots and lots of laundry (appropriate for #1 on a laundry list eh?)
2. Cleaning our room
3. Cleaning out my car
4. Reading
5. Get least my room by myself. Sometimes it's fun.
6. Try and keep myself from wandering the trails aimlessly and getting lost during said drunken episode.
7. Actually get around to the whole "re-evaluation of my life" thing. Especially considering recent epiphanies of said life.
8. Blog a little more about my currently ending marathon - I started it and you guys deserve a little more of the story.
9. Work...doesn't this suck? I need to work at LEAST 16 hours this weekend. Probably more. This could cut into my drunken time. Damn!
10. Crafty artsy-fartsy stuff. Why? I dont' know. I feel like I need to make something pretty.

10 things. 5 days (probably). Will I make it? We'll see! I promise to get on the computer and blog about my progress.

AND in other news...NONE of my tag-ees have done the little survey thing. I'm feeling unloved... :-( Come on guys!

Back to work for now,


At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sigh...the one day I don't get on to check in on you :P I thought about you yesterday, though--we were moving stuff into our new apartment and I thought how great it would have been to have a completely empty apartment to set up a slumber party in--lots of blankets and pillows all over the floor and lots of scary movies to watch all through the night...not to mention all the snack food! Ok, I'm calling it--next Friday the 13th, which would be...January 13, 2006...we have a party--we'll celebrate our not holiday in style! Love you girl...missing you sooooo much!


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