Monday, April 04, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Slumber Events

Friday night - up until 4am Saturday morning. Dancing to Paul Oakenfold. Frickin' awesome. But who knew this would be the first falling domino in my Series of Unfortunate Slumber Events!

Saturday morning - slept semi-late. And napped later in the day. Still tired from the last night's exertions.

Saturday night - up purty late. Watched a movie that we started too late. Then the internet...yay internet! And stuff...mmmmm...stuuuuuuuuuuuff.... :-D

Sunday (wee hours - we probably weren't asleep yet) - that stupid daylight savings crap happened sometime

Sunday *proper* - We slept until WELL past noon but woke with high hopes of homework and housecleaning.

Sunday evening - needed food, found distraction - HEY! Borders! Books, music, and video, you say? Open 'til 10? ALLLLLRIGHTY! Then home for a little homework and housecleaning - FINALLY! :-D

Sunday night/Monday morning - the day's late start, daylight savings crap, and internet porn keep us awake WAY too late. Even after climbing in bed after 2, still can't sleep. FINALLY sleep around 3-ish...

Monday morning *proper* - Geez frickin' Louise, I'm really tired. Maybe I should have considered sleep last night....

Maybe this means I'll go to bed early tonight...maybe not.

Happy Sleepy Monday,


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