Sunday, April 03, 2005

Hi. How are you. I'm fine.

Boring title...somewhat boring post. Just feel the need to update here and there on my weekend!

First off, Paul Oakenfold was fucking AWESOME! I love electronic music and have missed it a lot lately. Acoustic music at Sam's Boat and easy rock at the Cafe are all very nice - but I've had a whole lot of it lately. I needed the loud, bumping rhythms and the crowded, noisy dancefloor of an electronic show. And Paul O just KNOWS how to get the crowd moving. He doesn't interact with the crowd much (what a fuckin' rock star) which kinda bugs me, but in truth he doesn't have to - he moves us with his skill on the tables.

Next, there's not much to say but this weekend has been really, really nice. Chris and I are just hanging out at the house. We went out for food a time or two, but other than that we're just here. Having internet at the house FINALLY has us both glued to our respective computers. Chris has been working on homework some and I'm basically just screwing around! We watched a movie last night. We stayed up too late and slept WAY too late this morning (or should I say afternoon) considering daylight savings crap. Now a majority of the day is gone and he's still got a paper to write. I'll probably get productive and clean our room or something - it's looking a little styish.

My roommates are both out of town and have been for a majority of the last week. I feel bad for their situation - the man who is Buddy's dad and Carmilla's grandfather is ill and in his final days. I wish them all peace in this difficult time. For me, though, being home alone is a little weird. First off I'm left caring for all of the animals, which has been a little trying since the dog ran off earlier in the week. But it's nice because Chris and I basically have the house to ourselves. We've got a little more freedom - a few more open doors and a little more living room time. We don't have to worry so much about noise levels. ;-) The house to's been a lot of fun. Ha! No wonder we've stuck around the house so much all weekend!

Well off to finish up my bit of internetting before I decide to get up and be a responsible person for the day.

Tomorrow's Monday and I lost an hour someplace around here last night...let me know if you see a spare one running around.

Here's to the Time Warp,


At 1:03 AM, Blogger The Merry Widow said...

I HATE Spring forward. I just wish that we could have 2 Fall Backs.

And we do totally need to hang out...I was at Rookies and Molly's last night. I should have called you to come meet me!


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