Friday, March 11, 2005

Some Normalcy

This entire week has been a complete break from the norm. No Chris, no car, no going out at's been quite a culture shock for me.
Last night was a very welcome return to normalcy! I went out to Sam's Boat to see Pete and Sam. Carmilla and I were at home lamenting our sorry financial situation and remembered that there MIGHT just be a folk or two out at the boat who we could talk into buying us a EVEN if I had to drink water all night I really wanted to see Pete and Sam again. So we were off! What a great time! I danced a lot and just enjoyed being there. I needed a little normalcy this week. Of course Carmilla had to get up early this morning so I didn't get to close the place down like I normally do, but that was fine too. I did take some pictures with the camera phone that I'll go ahead and share - I hope the guys don't mind!

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That's all for just now...I'm not feeling too bloggy this morning...



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