Thursday, March 03, 2005

"The Wind Is Spectacular"

I am so happy that there is someone else out in this world that thinks that wind can be great. For a while I thought that maybe I was the only one. I was reading a blog (you'll see whose...if you check) with this observation in it and realized how rarely something like this is considered.

You see, I grew up in the Texas Panhandle. There were no trees and few large buildings across the entire area to block any wind - so it was just free and fast all across the area. The wind blew ALL THE TIME. It didn't matter what time of day, or what time of year - the wind was always blowing at 5-10 mph at LEAST. It gets to the point where you don't even notice it - it's just a fact of life.

When I left Borger at 18 and moved to Dallas I didn't realize how much I had grown to love that constant blowing. Dallas had trees, buildings, and more forgiving weather so the wind was just not around much. I missed it.

One day, as summer was just starting to give way to fall, I was standing on my aunt's front lawn waiting for my cousing to pick me up. We were going to spend the afternoon at the library. I was dressed, had my purse, and decided on a whim to just wait out front and enjoy the sounds and sights of the neighborhood. I had heard on the weather that a cool front was supposed to be moving in, and I stepped out of the house just in time for it. It was the most amazing feelings I've ever felt. Standing on the front lawn, the air is still. I hear a distant sound - almost like the hum of a car engine. I look down the street and can see the trees at the far end of the block start to sway. And then it a rush the cold front comes through. The wind picks up instantaneously to around 20 mph. My hair flies and my clothes flap in the wind. I LOVED it! I had missed this feeling for months! I closed my eyes and raised my hands up in the air and just felt the air pass by me. It was lovely.

The cold front passed by me, the wind stopped blowing, and left behind a much colder afternoon. But I was outside at JUST the right time to feel the wind. And it was spectacular.


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