Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Pack Rat Confessions

I'm cleaning this week. I'm cleaning a LOT. It's amazing the crazy amount of shit that I've kept over the years.

Chris is moving in next week. That's right. Once "Hell Week" is over (for me, not for him - and I'm actually very happy for him...just scared for me) he is supposed to be coming to live with me. Which will be great - definitely save a little money on gas from back-and-forth Deer Park trips. Of course he'll still be making the trip 3 times a week until school is out - but I'm really looking forward to it.

Of course, I've got a closet full of stuff that I've needed to go through to make room for all of his stuff. Luckily - I'm Oren-less this week and have got a little extra time on my hands. Last night I tackled the toughest task of them all - paperwork! What a frickin' pack rat I have been! I've held on to stuff from the last few years like pay stubs, bank statements, paid bills, frickin' CONTACT PRESCRIPTIONS, and even money order receipts from when I used to pay the bills with money orders when I *first* moved down to Houston. It was insane. I filled up TWO 13-gallon trash bags with all of the trash and am tossing it all. I can't believe I've had all of this stuff for so long! The good news is that my closet is starting to look much more tolerable - I should have plenty of room for Chris and all of his stuff when he starts bringing it in next week.
I've still got more cleaning and organizing to do - but all I've got is time in the evenings so I'm not anticipating a problem! :-D You know, I meant for this week to be a time to catch up on my reading. While I've done a little of it - I'm mostly just obsessively cleaning. I don't know why. It's not like he's *not* going to move in if my room isn't good enough for him....hahaha. I'm just being silly...

BTW - some of you may be wondering why I don't shred all of this delicate information purged from my closet...and, darlings, if you've taken a peek at my credit you'll know an identity theif isn't going far with MY social security number! So SCREW 'EM! Hahahahaha! I do plan on having my credit back on track by the end of the year - but I'll deal with that when or if it happens...just like everything else in life!

I've just got to get through the day...and then the least I've got lots of stuff at home to keep my obsessing mind busy!

If you're looking for me tonight - check under the pile of purses, bags, and shoes in my closet! :-D


At 5:06 PM, Blogger Egan said...

Who's Chris again and why is he moving in with you?

At 6:41 AM, Blogger Darbi said...

Egan, Egan, Egan...
Obviously you don't stalk my blog as closely as I stalk yours! Ha!
Chris is my boyfriend (for a month) who was simply my "good friend" for the 5 preceding months. He's lovely and wonderful and I can't wait for him to move in. Go back thru my blog and check some "Chris" posts if you really want to delve into the complexities of how I feel about him.


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