Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Communication and other stuff...

I talk a lot.

But I listen a lot too.

I love people. I love to watch them, I love to know them, and I love to interact with them. At the very root of me - there is interest in people. Some folks are just "people watchers" - but I have to go past that. I have to INTERACT with them.

Sometimes I wonder if I talk too much - sometimes I wonder if my overanalysis and subsequent discussion of any situation is unwarranted. Maybe it is...but it's me. It is who I am. I will sit and talk at you for hours - as long as you'll listen. But I will also listen for hours - as long as you need me to.

I appreciate my friends who will talk with me for hours and I hope you never get sick of listening to me.

ALSO - Can I just tell everybody that I look farking great today? I have got a a picture of myself from the last time that I wore this dress and I look like a SAUSAGE!! I tried it on this morning and it fits just right - not too tight and not too loose. I love the way that I look today.

And finally - I've gotten off my ass and signed up for a photo hosting service so I can now post pictures on here. I'll start loading them up and posting them soon - I promise!



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