Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Damn those evil little things.

Intentions are something that I forget about a lot of the time. I am a pretty straightforward person and my intentions are generally very clear. If I'm doing something and I tell you why - those are my intentions. Generally my intentions are good, honest, and kind.

Occasionally a situation presents itself where I am forced to question a person's intentions. I really hate these situations. Sitting down and contemplating someones intentions generally leads me to contemplate ALL intentions - which leaves me nervous and suspicious. And so here I sit, today, wondering what the hell all of you are doing reading my blog??? I know, I know (hahaha) that's something of an extreme example, but it illustrates my point exactly. See, I realize that not everyone in this world has intentions like I do. I realize that alterior motives and false pretenses exist everywhere. Due to my own lack of these mental evils, I tend to forget about them until I am caught up in examining someone's motives. And so now, I'm here, trying to forget again. Because I love believing the best in people and trusting them completely - but right now it's just really hard.

I suppose all I can do is hope and trust that I have surrounded myself with friends that are always straightforward and truthful with me about their intentions.


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