Friday, February 18, 2005

Moon Man and Me

Moon Man is a band recommended in yesterday's blog. I went and saw them again in concert last night. And so...I thought I'd just give a little more history on my knowledge of this great band and tell a little story.

Back before I left my husband he was out of town just about every week. Desperate for some fun times I ended up pretty regularly out mid-week at the 19th Hole - a dark and smokey, but wonderful, bar in The Woodlands. On one of my first outings here I walked in and saw the dude now known as Pinkerton. Well Pinkerton was turned away from me slightly and was talking to someone behind him, and he bore a striking resemblance to a friend of mine. I was PISSED that my friend would have left me out of the loop on his being in a band. Of course, I walked a little closer, realized that it was in fact not my friend, and got over myself really quick. BUT...the band had caught my attention so I sat down to watch the show.

I was really blown away by the band and the show. Pinkerton's stage presence is amazing! He's got these great, expressive eyes, a powerful voice, and an awesome fucking bass. The rest of the band was great too - not your average, everyday rock band with stereotypical players. These guys seemed different and unique in a way that makes you want to stick around to see what they're up to. Plus (and I will admit this now that I know he's married and that his wife frickin' rocks) Pinkerton's a cutie. So I hung out, listened, and really enjoyed the show.
Their music is really something different to hear - different bits and pieces of so many genres cut'n'pasted into an awesome display. They're too this to be that, but they're too something else to be another thing. It's one of those strange but wonderful things that I think is great. The parts come together to be greater than the whole (I refuse to use the corporate buzzword that matches that description).
I went and saw them at the Hole a few diffferent times and was never disappointed by a show. Always energetic and a ton of fun.

Fast forward a bit to just after I left my husband. I was out trying new things, meeting new people, and basiclly trying to "find myself". My trips to the Hole dwindled to nearly nothing. While I remembered the great shows, other things came in to take up my evenings.

Fast forward again, if you please, to Wednesday night. Chris and I have been adding a little varitey to our Wednesday night outings, and after a short stint at Molly's decided to go and try out the Hole. We walked in, and who did I see tuning up his sweet fucking bass but Pinkerton. We were just in time for the last set and I was elated! We rocked out to Moon Man for the rest of the night and Chris enjoyed them just as much as I knew he would. We got a chance to meet Pinkerton after the show and he told us about another show they were playing Thursday guess where we ended up last night? Hahaha - you get 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count!

Last night's show was great as well and we got a chance to sit and chill with and meet the entire band as well as Pinkerton's wife who is an awesome, awesome chick. So many times I've gone out to see bands play and meet the members. It seems so sad to me that so many people are out there playing gigs and their significant others are sitting at home. I hear, "Oh, she's heard it all before" or "She's just not into my music" and it's SO SAD! P's been getting support from his chica for 20 frickin' years and she's still rockin' out to the music and having a great time like it was her first show. I think that is bad ass and I have endless respect for this woman. Way to go! You farking rock!

So...this is a short history of me and getting to know a really, really great band. Please check them out on the web at You will NOT be disappointed! Also, Pinkerton was cool enough to hook me up with a bunch of CD's last night so I've got a lot to hand out. Let me know if you want one - if I know you I'll bring it by. If not, hell, email me your address and I'll stick it in the mail for ya.

I don't have to work this weekend, for the first weekend in what feels like a loooooooooong time.
I'm going to go home, get drunk, watch movies, and get laid (sorry if I'm being presumptuous here, Chris, but you're easy! hahaha). I hope everyone has a great weekend, too.

Cheers and shit,


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