Thursday, November 04, 2004

A post only partially about Chris

Okay - so it is Thursday morning - time to blog. I went to the cafe last night and had a great time again with Chris. This is something you should know by now - so I won't get all sappy over it.

The REAL news of the morning. I was sitting here just straining myself trying to think of something else BESIDES last night to post and low-and-behold something lovely falls into my lap!! You may remember a while back a post about a guy named Randy - a contractor here at the office. I gave him my number but he never called. Then he stopped showing up here to work so I thought he was just avoiding me - so I let it go. BUT I got here this morning and he was back. Seems he'd been put out on some other jobs and also took a short vacation to Chicago. He smiled when he saw me and we exchanged "good morning" pleasantries. I thought - fine, but I'm still mad for him not calling. But THEN, ladies and gentlemen, THEN I had to take a trip to the ladies' room. When I came back Randy was walking away from my office. He saw me, smiled a 100-watt grin, and said, "Oh THERE you are! I was looking for you!" HE was looking for ME!! Eeeeeek....! (Okay - that's my girly moment for the morning). So we stood outside my office and talked for a really long time. Come to find out, he knows about the Cafe and almost went there last night with some friends - I would have lost it if he'd walked in the door! So anyway - we've got a lot in common when it comes to music likes so I'm hoping that will grow into some more conversations and maybe even a night out at the Cafe. Hey, Chris said he wanted to keep it casual, right?? No problem with me bringing another date some Wednesday....

It's Thursday morning, and life is GOOOOOOOOOD!


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