Thursday, August 19, 2004


Spirituality is SO important in life. You have to believe in something - even if it is just yourself. Personally, I'm Wiccan. I was raised in a very wonderful and loving Methodist home and was given no reason to ever turn my back on it. However, from the time I was very young I always felt there was something missing or wrong about it. In middle school I found out my friend Sital was not a Christian. I grew up in a small town where EVERYONE was a Christian. I never really knew you were allowed to be anything else. So, this news came as a pretty big shocker. I started thinking...and considered the fact that my religion says that Sital will go to hell. Sital was one of the greatest people I knew. She was smart, sweet, funny, a great dancer, and really beautiful inside and out. This is when I started to rebel against the dogma of Christianity. My spiritual life began to diminish at this time and eventually faded into nothing. In the last year I started to feel a big hole in me that I finally traced down to a complete lack of spiritual passion. I went looking for something that felt right to me, something that meshed with what I felt was right in my own heart. That's when I found Wicca. It's made SUCH a huge difference in my life. Every day I wake up and feel a change. Every day is better. I know it sounds cheesy - but if you can't be cheesy in your blog, where can you be cheesy?? I guess that's it for today. Must stop procrastinating and actually get some WORK done!! Eeeeek


At 4:46 PM, Blogger Humble Human said...

Really intersting post Darbi, its nice to hear someone else's view on Christianty, i've lived a Christian life myself too, interestingly, and also somewhat unbelieveably, my mum was a nun and my dad was a priest when they were younger, so iv got very close christian links. They both ahd to leave to get married, but still continued practicing their faith, and so i was brought up that way. I was baptised, had my holy communion, and was confirmed as a catholic, and i still believe in GOd, however definately not the classical God of Christianity. Im agnostic, i believe that God could exist, but also acknowledge that he might not. I thnk that there is a supernatural power somewhere that brings everything together, but i cant explain it, and im jsut happy to live my life from day to day without worrying about that sort of stuff. My parents respect that i dont go to Church much, and they even understand my beliefs. I thin religion can be a barrier to human understanding sometime and as opposed to bringing people together(as it's supposed to do), it often brings different religions into conflict at a devastating human expense, which is really not want i want to believe in. I understand your story, two of my best friends in life were a Muslim and a jew, and we cant all be right, which means alot of us are supposedly going to hell! Not fair, just for innocently believing in what we were taugh to believe. Im interested in this wiccan thing, tell me bout it sometime, post on your blog about it, sounds cool, and what you say about being cheesy on your blog, spot on! Thanks too for the compliment, i like my hair too! Good to hear from you, lookinmg forward to future posts! Tom

At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Christian and just happened to stumble upon your blog today. I can only share my experience of Jesus, which is that he makes a difference to my life each day and gives me a purpose for living in this world. I wouldn't give up on my relationship with him for anything.
So many people in this world are brought up into the religion of their parents which is unfortunate because it's an individual decision that no-one else can make for you. I wonder whether you ever actually knew Jesus rather than do the ritual type stuff like go to church etc? Maybe you did, but if you think that you never actually had a relationship with him then can I encourage you to check Jesus out. Because I know he wants to know you.
-Daryl (


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