Friday, August 13, 2004

Worn out - day 2

Well, I did it again last night. Went out to another bar to see my band play. I SWORE I would not stay for the 3rd set. But their 2nd setlist is my least favorite and so I decided I better stay until I could leave the evening on a good note. Which meant, once again, staying until the frickin' bar closed at 2.
At least I slept better last night. The night before was a very restless 3 hours, which I figure I probably got maybe 2 hours of on-and-off sleep. Last night, I got 3 good hours of real-deal, good sleepin' - so I'm not nearly as dead today. I think I owe it to the weather. It was about 60 degrees so when I got home I threw open the two big windows in my bedroom, grabbed an extra heavy blanket from downstairs for the bed and went to sleep to the sounds of distant dogs barking, the breeze through the trees, and the occasional car passing by the house. There's nothing I love more than to go to sleep in a room just chilly enough to be able to appreciate a nice warm blanket....


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