Tuesday, August 31, 2004


You know, there are a lot of times I would like to move to San Francisco and be one of those homeless people that live in Golden Gate Park. Life is hard, but tolerable...and there's a real sense of "family" among them. They're accepting of one another.

On days like today when work seems neverending and thankless I really wish I didn't have to have a job. This thought leads me to thinking of life without a job, and therefore life without money. I have no grand aspirations to be a lottery winner. Thinking about "brokedom" my thoughts end up on those homeless people. I spent a day in the park with a group of them when I visited there last year and - while the smell got a little much at times - it was not a bad time in the least. My heart really went out to the people there, but it was hard to feel too bad for them when they all seemed to be having such a good time.

Oh yes, this post was supposed to be about work - not homeless people. So allow me to get back on track. It's almost lunch time, I've accomplished very little today, and chances are the rest of the day will follow suit - just like yesterday and last week. You see, I'm having a little bit of a motivation problem. Do you know why postal people go "postal"? Because the mail never stops. They work their tails off delivering mail every day to people all across the United States - but tomorrow there is always more. My job is kind of like that, only imagine if half the country forgot for about 6 months to send any mail, then sent it all at once during the last 2 weeks on August. THAT is what my job is like. And now I get to catch up on all of this work and get comments like, "Well why didn't you send out a reminder email?" Well DAMN why didn't I think of that? You know...maybe our sales numbers would be a little better if someone could send you a reminder email every morning to get off your ass and sell something! I despise having a job where half of my time is spent reminding other people to do their job. It is slowly driving me insane. I can just feel my mind slipping away....

There are just a few tolerable people who work here, and it it weren't for them - I'd have lost it already by now. So, a special "thanks" to you guys...y'all ROCK!

Until my next uber-unmotivated, blogging break,



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