Saturday, August 14, 2004

Live music

Here's a little information about me. I love music. All kinds of music. And even more than music, I love LIVE music. So, after 2 nights of little-to-no sleep I seriously considered going home last night and going to bed for around 15 hours. But instead I decided to go out - again. Started out the night with a few older friends at a local bar. Decided live music would be more fun so we went to a cheesy martini bar where there was a band playing. The band was great - kinda reminded me of Double Trouble with a great sax player. The lead singer was trying damn hard (but unsuccessfully) to channel Mick Jagger - but he was tolerable. They played some fun bluesy stuff. Atmosphere wasn't too bad, but the bar was mostly filled with old folks - tolerable but not my crowd. So when all the old people I was hangin' with ducked out around 11pm I decided to head out someplace else. So I took off to another live music bar where they were playing some awesome frickin' metal. So I got in the mosh pit and farked around there for a couple of hours. So today I am 1) hungover 2) deaf 3) bruised and sore. But all in all - I'd say it was a successful night.


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