Thursday, August 12, 2004

What a lovely day to start a blog

This is honestly one of the strangest days I've ever had since moving to Houston. It is the middle of August in one of the hottest and muggiest cities in the United States and the weather is BEAUTIFUL. Temp in the 80's, low humidity, and a very nice breeze blowing through. I feel a little bad enjoying such a wonderful weather day like today - seeing as how it's all being brought on by those two awful hurricanes coming in to hit Florida today. So, I apologize, Floridians for your bad luck - but this weather is GREAT! I love blogs - I read them just about every day. So when stopping to think at work this morning on how I can remember such a wonderful day - I thought, "Today is the day I will start my blog". Better to start it on a lovely day when I can talk about lovely things than the rest of the days that pass around here - which are generally bad. I'll apologize for those posts ahead of time.
The thing that I appreciate most about today's weather- it's going to make for a great lunchtime nap. See - I stayed up entirely too late last night watching my favorite local cover band (a really good band in general, but bars like cover bands here - so they went with what pays the bills) and so I'm dragging today. A lunchtime nap is all that is going to save me. Lucky for me, this weather is conducive to driving down the road to a little rest stop, rolling down the windows, opening the sunroff, setting the alarm on my cell phone, and passing out for about 45 minutes. The really dumb thing about me - I'll be going out to see the same band AGAIN tonight at a different bar. I just can't get enough. My goal is NOT to shut the bar down tonight - if I can leave before their last set is up I should be asleep by 1am which is perfectly acceptable - unlike the 2 hours of sleep I got last night. I guess that's all for my first blog attempt. I should work on getting better at this, and trying to work with the settings on this. Hope I don't screw it up too bad! Until next time. :-D


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