Tuesday, November 23, 2004


In the course of sitting out and writing one of my longest blogs ever about Adam, I got to the end and decided you didn't need to KNOW the whole story. It's really just a collection of small instances and little stories that mean the world to me, but are probably of no interest whatsoever to you, my faithful blogreaders. Let me get to the important stuff...

There are men in this world that I look at and consider too good to be true. (Chris is one of these guys - just too perfect.) Adam, however, is beautifully flawed. He's got an ego that wouldn't fit in Reliant Arena. He's horrible with money. He has short hair for Pete's sake!! But the things that are good about Adam are really, really good. He is truly a person that I could look at and say that if I married him we would fight, curse, and I would hate him like crazy sometimes - but I would love him even more the rest of the time. Beyond everything else I would never have to worry about being loved or respected. Unfortunately I am finding all of this out about Adam and he is in Italy. I guess it works out okay though - I'm not even divorced on paper yet. And I do need a little time to find myself and have some fun before I go looking to settle down again. I've got nearly three years...

Here is the most interesting thing about Adam though. 1) I am very nearly best friends with his mother and 2) he has no idea I feel this way about him. We are friends - good friends - and email back and forth a lot. We did spend a little quality time together before he left for Italy (which was one of the happiest nights of my entire life) but have never gotten into how I feel about him. The time that we spent together was so short, but so special to me. I can only hope that he at least feels a little the same toward me.
I think his mother knows. We talk about him and I think she sees the way my face lights up. We talk about the day he was born and the problems that she had. We talk about how she was all doped up on pain medication and wanted to name him Geronimo Entropy, but the nurse wouldn't let her name him until she's sobered up a bit. We both agree that the damn nurse should have let her - because the name suits him perfectly. If Adam does come home from Italy and we should end up together, I want to have Lauren's first grandson and name him Geronimo Entropy.

I'll end this weird little blog entry with some of my favorite things about Adam (some taken from my Wish List - which were actually put on the wish list because of Adam)
1. Watching him drive my car is the sexiest thing I have ever seen
2. He can drink me under the table
3. We both like grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup (and you MUST dip the sammich in the soup)
4. He knows what good sex is all about
5. Driving him to the airport, both of us exhausted, and we're still singing along to the radio shamelessly - not having to say a word...


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