Monday, November 22, 2004

*Itchy Itchy*

Do you ever just have one of those days that you feel itchy? Today is one of those days. There's probably a lot contributing to my uneasy feeling because there's just a lot in the air and in my head today so I'm going to try and lay it all out in hopes of aleviating some of the funk...

1. The weather - I'll start here because I know that this is the one thing that can't actually be changed or I'll just get it out of the way. The air is thick and wet with rain, but there's a lot of lightening. There's just a feeling of static in the air. The hair on the back of my neck is on permanent stick-up.

2. The weekend - Okay - Please take a break to recall my "Too close, too far" post. I ended up over the weekend with one of those too close (and too OLD) people. He asked me out to dinner last week and I decided that since no one ever actually asks me out on a REAL date I would go and just have fun. Well because I am unable to say no to people I ended up in something of a sticky situation with the person - something I never intended to end up in. But it happened, and it's over. I'm a little freaked out, but determined not to let it happen again. Someday I will not be a doormat - hopefully soon. I know it's over and done and I should just file it back under "L" for Lessons Learned, but it still makes me itch.

3. This Wednesday - For the first time since I started going to the Cafe on Wednesdays I will be skipping a week. Thanksgiving has thrown a kink in everyone's plans and so the Wednesday meet-up has kind of fizzled out. I will instead be driving up to my parents house to spend Wednesday (my mom's birthday) night. We will all then take off for Dallas Thursday morning for Thanksgiving with my aunt, step-uncle, and oodles of cousins in the area. I love my parents and I love my Dallas family - but I will readily admit I am a little sad that I will be missing Wednesday night. It's the highlight of my week. Of course, this also means that I will not see Chris on Wednesday which makes me saddest of all.

4. Trouble in Italy - I have a very good friend named Adam who is in Italy right now with the Navy. It's getting close to the holidays, he's missing home and family, and he's had a really hard week. He totaled a rental car in a wreck, got a concussion, and narrowly missed tossing the car over a guardrail. He is okay but very shaken up. As he said, he got out of the car once he'd cleared his head and looked over the guardrail that he had slammed into and there "wasn't much there but gravity." I'm so glad that he is okay and am working on a Christmas care package with his mom to send over. Anyone know the rules for sending single-malt Scotch to Italy by mail??

5. My house - I want into my new rental house so bad right now I can TASTE IT!! I am currently "test driving" it - dog/cat/house/kid-sitting for my friend Deb while she is out of town for a wedding. I can't even sleep at night - I sit up and arrange furniture in my head. I just want my own space, my own place, and a place where I don't have to answer to anyone. Most of all though, I will admit, that I'm looking to be able to spend a little "quality time" without having to get a hotel or find some other alternate arrangements. Less than a month to go...I think I can make it!

I think that's all the itchyness for now. I'm already starting to feel better...

Stay tuned - I will post some more on Adam soon. He is someone who is very important to me but for some reason has been left out of my blog altogether. I will catch you up on that story later...

Rainy days and Mondays...hmm....what about rainy Mondays...?


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